Guud morning

Melting into my bed like butter on a hot skillet
Don't know what that ^ link does but it said something about downloading so try it.


Mermaid stuff

Remember this AWESOME movie. Wish that could happen to me minus the getting preggers 
part (i think she got preg? maybe that was part deux?). Where was it shot?
Is it too late?!!? Summer vaycay 2k10?

I must have seen that VHS like 20 times cause I liked the ocean and I thought
she was pretty and I wanted to be her. I hope I can watch it on youtube...


can't sleep

So I am playing with the toys in my room. 
OH and I just finished making a SCRIBBLER!!! It's addictive. FIRST TRY OKAY!?!?! jeez.



"Sounds of Kuduro" by Buraka Som Sistema ft. MIA was the shizz for a while and it ruled my ears but I have something hawter for you now.
My lovely friend, Sel and her Angolan friend Monika showed me "Kalemba"!!!!!!!
I want to wegue wegue 
More on Pongo Love (the gurl on the track) soon.
Gossip Gurl

hello babies

I am loving Flying Lotus these days ESPECIALLY their song PARISIAN GOLDFISH.
WAAAAAAY COOL. What's even kewler is the music vid. but it has S-E-X in it and I don't want to get arrested for posting it, so watch it here
Genius behind this sweet vid: Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric
Below is a lil teazzaaa 4 u