Good Morning

I'll be fantasizing about food porn all morning
If I weren't saving up for a million things I would spend all my money on cooking gourmet foodz


Cause I Can

Everyone should learn not take things to seriously, whats the point of raising your blood pressure for nothing?

parents just don't understand...


Carla Bruni

Oh noooooooooooooo :(
The next Wildenstein?


Auto Tune

I love going to work (KNOCK ON WOOD!), it's loads of fun and always inspirational. We always make sure to leave on a positive note so at the end of the day some of us decided it would be a good idea to recored some hilarious hit tracks.

Our friend Anthony H aka P + ONY is the master of Garage Band
Jerome (I want his stage name to be Jelly) is the master of sounding like a scary perv
I, DJ MeowMixxx am the master of talking shit

BandUntitled - Good Night
Our first song, "Good Night" has a really dramatic beat/base/track/wtvr to it. I added the strings to it, YAY ME! the vocals on the other hand aren't my favorite, I should have kept it really conceptual and said like 3 words throughout the track. WAHHHH hahaah . Instead I chose to talk about how my boyfriend abuses me and Jelly is in the background being my gay best friend, telling me everything will be okay. wtvr. ENJOY

BandUntitled - No Bras, No Panties
The second song, "No Bras, No Panties" is about being dirty. Jelly did a great job being a uber perv in the background, his voice is so dynamic. I luv him. P+ONY said, "LOLOL ur voice is so out of control that autotune helps regulate it" AHHHAHHAA...hate you.

***CAIRORAMA JUST BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION THAT I SOUND LIKE UFF! so embarrassed, now i'm like Ke$ha! I swear it's the autotune....SRRY!!***


Yo-Landi Vi$$er

Yo Landi Visser is THE SHIT. If I were blonde i'd want to be this girl.

AMAZING! monochromatic!
Shake your dix

Prada SS 2010 Kitty Eyez

I bought these babies today, the woman at PRADA was a C yoU Next Tuesday!!!!I think she thought I was just fucking around and not serious about buying them. WHATEVER, that's the last thing I'll ever buy at Prada SoHo!!!
Once I got to the office I realized the shades looked a little too Raver Chyk 1998. I'm going to the uptown location tomorrow to exchange them for the ones pictured above.


Happy Saint Patricks Day

Some green lips for you via Shu Uemura



From the moment I saw these on the Prada S/S 2010 runway it was love... It's only fair that I buy myself a pair or 3 or 4 ...JK just one.

Okay but really, should I? They are kind of AMAZING...but they are 220 dollaz : /
I actually wouldn't mind wearing a knock off of them as long as they don't look too cheap. Any suggestions? I heard Mango is selling a similar pair for about 20 dollars. Keep me posted if you hear anything.

This one with the rose lense ^^^ is my favorite


An Oldie but Goodie

Sometimes I like to forget about new music and go back to what I know. It's easy to forget all the fun stuff in your collection.
Is the passion all gone?
Or is it still newly wed?
If all this heat is doing
Is making us stick to the bed
Then there is no life
To revive.

But if the hunger is still there, buried somewhere inside
Covered up by the boredom
we’ve been trying to hide
Then dig it up and devour

It'll seem more like a song
And less like it's math
If you pull on my hair, and bite me like that
It'll seem more like a song
And less like it's math
If you pull on my hair, and bite me like that
It'll seem more like a song
Yeah more like a song
(uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh)

And the truth is that I can hardly wait
I don’t care if we stay up too late
Don’t answer the phone
Don’t answer the phone

It'll seem more like a song
And less like it's math
If you pull on my hair, and bite me like that
It'll seem more like a song
And less like it's math
If you pull on my hair, and bite me like that
And bite me like that
And bite me like scratch me like that
(uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh)

And the truth is that I can hardly wait
It itches so bad that I can’t concentrate
Don’t answer the phone
Don’t answer the phone

And it will be more like a song and less like its math
If you pull on hair and bite me like that.
It'll seem more like a song
And less like it's math
If you pull on my hair, and bite me like that
And bite me like that
And scratch me (and bite me) like that


I miss Florida part 1
If you've got it...FLAUNT IT GURL!
This avocado salad is my life. UGHHH ALL I WANT RIGHT NOW!

This tan, this skinny

Funny Internet Things

These are things I've been collecting from my internet world that I find funny...ENJOY!

Things people google to find me...#40? wtf people are gross
singing with shilah, the usual
Shi being a Who (?) Hoo(?) i dont know how to spell it
Selma...clueless keke


i saved this cause i thought "WHY!?"

more life

AHHHHH!!!! dying. LYLAGU
Me being a boy with side swept hair and Matt being Matt

RIP Nebakenezer
Only cat i could everlove, boobulina

Beating me down, beating me beating me down down into the ground...Korn singalonz



I think I MAY go see Air allll by myyyysellfffffffff  ... i WANNA  beee alll by myselfff at the SHOOOOOOOWWW!

I just love Air so much, it reminds me of being in highschool in Florida and blasting "Playground Love"  to the beach in the day or late at night coming back from a party. They are such an amazing band. Anyways. Wish me luck, I got intouch with someone on Craigslist selling tickets at $40. Pray for me, I hope they are not fake. :(

I leave you with a classic


Selma's Pabbi


Oh and sorry if I offend those fash kids who know how to write, good for you. SORRY SORRY SORRY.

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce a very important person you should all know... J. Toohey aka. Pabbi.

FUN FACT: He is Irish.
FUN FACT: He uses Kerry Gold butter most of his meals because its Irish.
FUN FACT: He is catering my wedding (more on that below)
FUN FACT: He speaks Icelandic, French, and Arabic (I think)

Pabz is the father of my best-friend-forever, Selma Drofn Toohey (more on her at another time). He is a quiet yet witty man, always quick to make fun of our stupidity (actually I don't think he's quiet, maybe it's just that we can't really engage convo with him yet...babiez) When he's not in the living room watching the news or reading the paper, he can be found behind the grill and/or stove. He buys my friend sophisticated gifts like fancy luggage and gold dipped-leather bound books. I am pretty sure he dropped out of highschool and educated himself by reading on his own time. (I prob made that up to make me think he is 1000 times cooler but maybe not) Whatever, point is he is really smart. Mr. Toohey installs satellites...IN OUTERSPACE!

During dinner he talks about poems and stuff, I just nod because I don't recognize most of them. I have learned SO MUCH from those dinner talks yet I couldn't tell you what right now because my brain is decaying via no mental stimulation. BUT lets just say some topics include but are not limited to: black holes, immigration, and baguettes.

I have been friends with Selma since Sophomore year of High School, her home is like a second home to me. Super scandinavian looking on the inside, it reminds me of a country style home in Iceland (the family is Icelandic&Irish). It has light blue and white floral embossed walls and white wood paneling. The slanted ceiling is high and made of a light wood. They have a cool looking chimney too. It's probably the coziest home in the world, except it's always freezing in that house. I like my house too Patricia, don't get offended. When Pat does decide to cook a meal for the family we have a blast at the dinner table making fun of eachother. My sis and I love make faces at our parents when they are not looking, it kills us... I don't know why it's so funny to us. Anyways, back to my story, I love being at Sel's house. You come in and her mom is outside or inside doing a cross-word puzzle and her little bro is playing jazz in his room THEN Mr. Toohey arrives from the grocer with the ingredients for that evenings meal. WINE, FRENCH BREAD, AND BUTTER are always on the list.

When Pabz buys groceries he always remembers to buy for 5(avec moi) and not for 4(sans moi). I love crashing their dinners. MY FAV is when he makes steak! Only the best cuts of course, we make sure Selma doesn't get the Fillet Mignon cause that girl can't apreeshhh!! The moment she pours the A1 on the fillet Pabz gets sooo mad. LOVE IT, but I can't blame her cause I put A1 on EVERYTHING. Sometimes he makes a special gravy I use as a dip for my bread, it's soooo amazing. I cant really explain the meals in detail, I can just tell you it's uber gourmet. You have to be there. The breads always warm, we always have red wine and great conversations.
Typical Dinner

Here are a few images that remind me of Monsieur Toohey


Like most girls, I have already intricately planned out my wedding; from the general location to the lighting treatments. Clearly, I have a lot of free time to day dream... ANYWAYS, I would love for you to be part of this plan. I would JUST DIE if you catered my wedding. I've already told everyone you are going to so there is no turning back. There's a lot in it for you actually; you'll get to enjoy a week long stay in a lovely castle OR huge country home at a vineyard (where my wedding will be held), bonding time with Selma, the joy of seeing me happy, wild flower picking, and all the wine you could ever want. Just don't forget 10 years from now, I am serious! First I've got to find a mate, then we will get serious and start planning. HOPE YOU ARE ON BOARD!

Your Friend,

Maria Teresa Sampedro

[3/10/10 3:22:14 PM] Selma Toohey: i said to my dad i cant believe you are so good in front of the camera
[3/10/10 3:22:35 PM] Selma Toohey: he said 'i know .. we tried to get brad pitt but due to scheduling conflicting they had to get me to do instead. we're still working on Pitt for part 2'




my purrrsonal style

I don't know who this gal is, but shes all up on my STEEEEEZ. It's wtvr though, more people should dress like us.
I've worn a variation of this everyday pretty much since high school. It consists of a tee, my black jeans, and some kind of heel or sneak. I'm commited to start dressing up again like I used to in 9th and 10th grade, but for now...
White T, Black Jeans, Desert Boot Shorty Heel, Faded Hair, & Messy Room


Carine Blacklisted?!!? what?! Balenciaga? what!?!?