You Can Have It All

Came home today, and visited the HighSnobette blog to see what was up. I came across a pair of Lucky Brand wedges and DIED! I went to the site and just bought them, I know by next week they are going to be sold out in my size. Imagine them with light blue toes, showing lots of leg in a skirt OR with nice ankle jeans. AHHHHHHHHHH I'm going to be so summer ready. Those and my APC cloggys, all I need. OH yeah and my Jansport Heritage Pak.

NEED: These pants/outfit
PiperLimeLuckyKoko Lucky Koko Wedge Sandals


shut up


Pretty Boy

I've been meaning to share this with you for about a week now. Funniest lyrics ever, I love this song.

The girls dancing are the funniest thing ever.

Ingrate Bitch

Never thought I'd be one of those kids that feel "lost" or confused. This crap better be temporary, I don't have time for this.


My half assed NYFW review

New York Fashion Week Fall 10 was a blur. It kicked off with the death of Alexander McQueen RIP <3 and a snow storm. Shows and parties got canceled, rescheduled, etc. This also was the last season at the tents. The tents at Bryant Park, through the seasons, have become more and more of a freak show. I don't know how to explain it, but this season it just felt dirty.

I had a LOAD of shows lined up through work but only made it to about 4 or 5. It was a mixture of things that made it hard for me to turn up. I was having a fun weekend outside the fashion industry, hanging out with people who just like to party, listen to good music, and have fun. I didn't want to trade that in to go sit in a room with old fashion types pushing each other in an effort to get closer to the runway. Worse are the ones that talk shit to one another about how someone gained weight or the ones that twit pic each look, not really taking in the scene.

Anyways, I made it to Risto, Jen Kao, TSE by Jason Wu, SIKI IM, and some others that obv. werent good enough to be remembered. As for fashion week parties, Jeremy Scott, a magazine party (i think it was THE LAST mag. i forget), some thing at tribeca grand for some designer. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

It was Tiff and Eri's bdayzz that week so I focused on that.

Here are some pictures:

RIP outside McQueen

Risto was good, people there sucked, pics coming soon

Jen Kao, Mediocre, didn't take pics


I said fuck Seven NY's anniversary and made it to the Ed Banger anniversary. Here I am singing "I Cant Live" by Mariah via SO ME.

Sunday afternoon at FAO > Araks & Hervé Léger

SIKI IM presentation, that was good. Except they were delayed like an hour. Was able to talk my way into backstage as "Press" Well I guess I could be considered press, so I DIDN'T LIE!

 Her hair <3
They got some HxC band from NJ to play during the presentation, it was AWESOME. Really set the mood.
He was hot too
all of them were...

Fav. sponsorship at NYFW was Ben and Jerry's at Jeremy Scott


Tiff Eri & Moi
Ganguro bday girl Eri after Jeremy Scott and LIT


Note: I realize I shit all over the fashion industry in this post, taking shit for granted and what not. SORRY I LOVE YOU FASHION BUT SOMETIMES YOU ARE TOO MUCH. I need to balance you out with other ish from time to time.


Summer Lovin

Wildwood, NJ

Coney Island, NY

Sophomore Spring 2010 from SophomoreNYC on Vimeo.
D-Town Hipsters raised in the 90's never had to throw out their clothing, they recycled it and are using it today. YAY. <3 Arfin.

Jesus is Watching


Ain't Nothing to Fuck With

Can't wait. Gonna get this Rocksmith X Be Street X Wu-Tang tee at the pop up shop this March. YAOWZAAAA

The things you find on youtube...

Question: How can this baby move better than me, I want to learn to do the stanky leg...ONE DAY.

My Matty Baby Prince

Once upon a time, senior year of High School, Matty got into a fight with his parents and kicked a hole into his wall. He repaired it via. his fathers orders AND THEN he wrote "do everything 666" on it. That day I fell in love with him for the millionth time. It was funny, I laughed. Now you laugh.

Trouble Maker

His latest creation


James! James! James!

How are ya isn't it a lovely dayyyyy

So this weekend I met someone equally as passionate about Disney, maybe more. We spoke about our fav. movies and scenes but I forgot to mention...JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH!!

My top 2 scenes from this clip and why:
1. When he is in the kitchen, I will never forget wanting to dress like his aunts and wear the same make up and listen to the same song. (Shilah probably wanted to aswell)
2. When James takes the potato chip bag and makes it into a hot air balloon. I remember wanting and still wanting that crayola tin he had in the movie and how the colors on the hot air balloon look more like pastels than crayons.

Mustache Florida

My boy Mustache Florida at Penned Madness has started his own blog, check it out HERE!


He is opening for Steve Aoki at Roxy soon. WOOOOOOOO!!! congrats!

He rules, that is all. COME TO NY SOON NIK.D!!!


It's okay to post pix of your dix on Myspace.com

Valentines Day Weekend Part 3 - My Metal Heart

I would want the late Per Yngve Ohlin aka Dead (RIP you psycho)  from Mayhem to be my Valentine this year. I feel like I could have turned him from a wild hyena to a docile dolphin.
I would make sure he showered and washed his clothing before our date, then I would just hug him until he calmed down. We then would turn on the TV and watch The Care Bears while I braid his hair and cuddle.
we belong together

instead he decided slit to his veins and blow his brains out...

Valentines Day Weekend Part 2 - Suprised?

Dirty Dogs


Sad Kittens

Valentines Day Weekend Part 1 - Overview/Jams

Sorry, I have been busy living my life this weekend/forgetting V-Day existed.

I made it to see the Ed Banger crew do their thing at Webster Hall
hung out with strangers
made friends
Tribeca Grand
heard good music
saw my fav NYrs ERI&TIFFA
and many other exciting things

I wanted to do a load of fun posts on this blog the days before Valentines Day to get everyone in the spirit!!...I FAILED. Aka. music, hot guys, ideal dates. etc.
Anywho, I just realized I posted the Breakbot Valentines Mixtape on twitter but not on my blog!!!! WTF? Who even reads my tweets anyways. No one important probably, so I apologize for not sharing it with you guys. It's a bit late, but this sexy, funky, and soulful mixtape is guaranteed to get you some action wherever, whenever. and PLEASE LISTEN! 

Download: Breakbot Valentine Mixtape 


You guys will be missing out on good stuff if you don't listen to the ish I post! really! Trust my taste in sounds.

Anyways, my fav. part is when he brings in Dimples D "Sucker DJs" then moves into the John Morales edit of "Lady Bug" by Bumblebee Unlimited. It starts around 4 min 45 sec, you could hear the transition best around 5 min 20 sec but my fav. part starts around 5 min 47ish sec. (6min 8 sec to 6 min 15 sec) I think its so SUPER COOL GURL KREW, you know what I mean? . 

Honerable Mentions: 
10 min 5 seconds to 10 min 45 going from Surismo's rmx of Breakbot's "Baby I'm Yours" to The Dells "What a Night"
Around 13 min 20 seconds :Breakbots edit of I can't stand to see you cry by the Escorts going into Funny Bones then into GYM TONIC WAAAAAAAAAHHHH lalalala. 
ending the mix off by explaining menstruation to us. 
Just let me be your lady bug, 24 hrs a day ill give you love
just let me be your lady bug, 24 hrs a day; love you and kiss you and and kiss you and hug you.

PS. This kid at the after party was my fav. He was so happy and he was dancing. I love happy people. 
Oh yeah, and this dropped OGGI. (click "this")


Glitter Baby

Took this the other night when asking my friend if I should go for the sparkles or not..
I was deleting pics off my phone and thought i'd share this with you: how childish is the background on that? RIGHT!?! am I 10?


straight to hell


HAHAHAHAHAHAH omg selma, that is you at 00:50
Matty you are the one crying at 00:23 or the ones running at 00:16 i cant decide
I can be the one at 00:02 who is laying dead/sleeping

Questions to boyz: do you like this?

can't wait

How to make it in America

love this <3 ben for life

p.s. holler at Dan "making it in america" @55 seconds



Okay, thank Jesus for GlitterVomit for coming home to show me this. LITERALLY HAD ME IN TEARS, I HAVE GOOSE BUMPS. Oh, and then we watched the Titanic.



Today DJ meowMIXXX got together with P+ONY to create magic. FML is a freestyle about built up angst, it discovers day to day life in the cold NYC fashion industry. We take inspiration by riot grrrl bands even though meowMIXXX finds feminist to be annoying at times. I hope you enjoy this fancy track created on Garage Band as much as we do. Music composed by Anthony H.

P.S. don't come to me with any bullshit on how the track is fuzzy or how the lyrics are lame, it's obvi just for fun. OKAAAAYJAJLKJ!?!?!?!?

Do the bunny jump!

I'm going to write about this tonight, but for now. Just take it in.

You're welcome


Ok, hes singing at my wedding.



Under the sea for life with Mathieu


I wish

Matty and I will recreate this along with Lo, Niky, and Sel in July, in Corsica pour mon anniversaireeeeeeeee yiiiiiiiiay

Can't wait.

p.s. how presh is Hunx?