jake and AMIR

Thanks to my lovely friend Kat, I am not a huge fan of Amir from Jake and Amir. I'm a little late on Jake and Amir ... like three years late. Its okay though, at least I discovered them, they turn my frown upside down. Actually, COLLEGE HUMOR is my new pick me up. You should check out the pranks they do too, they call them Prank Wars. I have retired the T.V.

If you want boys to lyke you...

don't fake cry or whine.
edit: or slam your legs on the bed spastically in a temper tantrum-esque way.
yeah, people still do that. I'm actually witnessing it as we speak.


So whenever I think about my trip to Europe I get little daydreams for about 5-10 seconds each. I love my daydreams. Sometimes I wish I studied film because there is so much potential in this brain of mine. whateves. 
Anyways, I was looking at tickets and I had a daydream of my bff Matty and I on the airplane and I was smiling from ear to ear and taking pictures of us on a plane together. HOW CUTE!!! Can't wait to play that one out!!! And then I had a weird one of me staying behind and getting engaged with someone super cool and dreamy. AHAHAHA. What is wrong with me!!?!?

I just want to get away

KILL ME. So I am trying to get myself to fucking europe but every time I try to book a flight or find a place to stay I am hit with yet another obstacle. I know what I want and I usually know how to get it, so maybe this will fix itself...by tomorrow.
Enough of that lets move on to the title of this post. Everyone has been posting the new Jarvis animation for nike. It really is great, I love it. Everything flows together so nicely, animation always confuses me, I still have no idea how its done. I'll google it later. I had a list of things to google in my brain but I lost it, so good thing I have this one written out on my bloggy blog. Anyways the whole point of this was to tell you how excited I was to hear Crayon by Caribou in the background. I think I originally came across Caribou on the Domino Records site? whateves, you should check them out. They remind me of Sigur Rós mixed with a little bit of Animal Collective in there, and 1960s psychedelic pop. This post sucks. I'm tired and I want to finish reading my book. Oh and my friend told me I should change the title of this blog. It's too dirty she says, not parent friendly. I say \m/ I do what I want \m/ kekeeke


Love of my life

Anthony Bourdain, "light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul."
I love Anthony Bourdain. He is my fantasy, experienced (aka old) man. I wish he were 25 years younger though. I love his tan leathery face and his lungs filled with tar from the cigarette that is permanently attached to lips. I love how he makes fun of Rachel Ray for encouraging viewers to buy pre chopped onions even though I love watching her show. Il love his face..."Straight away I could tell he was rocker from his sexy attitude and the way he looked at me." through the tv...
Why Anthony is so dreamy...
1. I'm sure he smells really good
2. He is a manly MAN
3. He looks like a goofy giant
4. He is tan
5. He is a smart ass
6. He smoke cigarettes. Obvs this makes him a risk taker. O, Anthony. 
7. He has got a great head of hair for his age!
8. He would listen to heavy metal with me and en
joy it
9. He lives in NYC, so my chances of meeting him and making him fall hopelessly in love with me are greater.
10. HE IS A CHEF AND A WORLD TRAVELER! Need I say more!?!?! 
Tony, I would dress head to toe in Kiki De Montparnasse for you any day...
btw. I've decided that if I win the lottery I am going to take up lingerie design classes. I just love it so much.



Tonight we finally got to see the televised dissection of Lyuba the baby mammoth on the National Geographic channel. She was discovered in the Russian tundra, the Yamalo-Nenetsk region to be exact. She's a cutie. Lyuba was in near perfect condition when the wife of Yuri Khudi, an Inuit, discovered her. When they translate his voice to english on the NG channel they make him sound like an idiot, I would be pissed if I were Yuri. During the dissection they drilled out a piece of fat from her back for further observation ... am i sick for wanting to squeeze it?? hahahha EW! but really, I think it would have been fun to be in that room extracting and observing. In this program there were a few professors and doctors looking to learn new things from this discovery, the three main ones were an American, a French man, and an Asian man. The american man was sooo great!! He was so interested and such a poet. At night he would walk out to learn more about the tundra, write in his diary, and help out with the chores! The asian man was very smart, he was about getting shit done. He took a load of x-rays and stuff. The french man was whatever, the only good contribution he had was his accent. He wasn't too talkative. They let Yuri into the examination room btw. He was so hxc he didn't even were the protective mouth covering. Our baby Lyuba died from suffication :( she fell into a river where water and dirt filled her lungs. On the bright side, I just think it is so amazing when we discover great things about the history of the world, particularly through animals. I love prehistoric animals and monsters. Lyuba (aka. "love" in russian) was 40,000 years old!!! Once I had a dream that I lived in a castle and in the "Dungeon" there was a huge covered wooden pool and when you pushed a lever it opened and unleashed ancient water beasts!!! Prehistoric crocidiles, water serpents, you name it. If any of you use this as the basis for the next major sci-fi/Narnia-esque film I better get credits. AND MONEY. 
Anyways, there is a load of info that I am missing. So google it. My source, a good one. 


long hair don't care

I have Trina's voice stuck in my head. I think she is saying "what up, shut up, DONT SAYY NOTTINNN" Is it even from her? Could it be another hxc bitch? maybe lil'Kim or Foxy Brown?
I don't feel like writing a book report about "The travels of a T-shirt in the global economy" right now so instead i'll list the first 10 songs that play randomly in my itunes and i'll decide if you should check them out or not.
1. "Quand Je Claque Des Doigts" -TTC from album "3615 TTC" 
Awesome song by one of my fav frenchie groups. "clap your ass when I snap my fingers"....so good. DL it
2. "Bang this in the Club" - Girl Talk from album "Unstoppable" 
Mediocre. I like the luda luda part. Don't bother getting it though.
3.  "Dance with the Devil" Immortal Technique from album "Revolutionary Vol. 1." 
Everyone should have this already, if not, GET IT.
4. "Phantom pt. 2" - Justice from album "Cross"
Sorry, I JUST LOVE ME SOME JUSTICE ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Makes me want to get up and D.A.N.C.E. ...jk but srsly
5. "Amazing Love" - Pedro the Lion from album WHO CARES CAUSE IT SUCKS....DELETE
6."Talkin' bout Hey Love" - De La Soul from album "De La Soul is Dead" 
all I want to do is "Mack it and eat jelly beans" who's down??? Get this and let it inspire you.
7. "For the World" - Shai Hulud  from album "Hearts Once Nourished with Compassion and Hope"
river of blood that flows on an endless bank from a unicorns layer... in memory of the "scene sucks" vidz. get it if you like hxc I guess... I'm not a huge Shai Hulud fan, I thought I could be thats why I have it but I just can't.
8. "Paper Planes" - M.I.A. from album "Kala"
OH GOD. I'm over it...I say don't. If you want a song from this album get "Bamboo Banga" "Come Around" or "Bird Flu" or the whole cd
9. "Swingin'" - Hocus Pocus from album "73 Touches"
Another frenchie band. LOVE THEM. (You might soon start to pick up on how much of a sicko francophile I am sometimes) Jazzy Funk. Check them out for sure.
10. "Sexual Contractor" - Har Mar Superstar
I used to LOVEE Har Mar Superstar. Hence one of my many screen names being "MarMarSuperstar" Anyways, I prefer "H.A.R.M.A.R" so DL that one instead.
I would love to include mp3s for the ones I suggested you download. I'm not that blogger savy yet, one day... in the meantime BUY THEM on itunes or do what I do and lurk other blogs for them.
I miss my long hair
pretty gurl



So everyone is posting Andy's Twitter song. I was contemplating posting it but everyone has seen it, so I am taking it back old school. This was one of the songs that turned me on to Andy in the first place. The beat is from GZAs' Hip Hop Fury, ANDY IS SO COOL! ENJOY...you lil' beautiful geese.
edit: does his hat say "svelte"?I love him even more now


So i've been left to my devices at my internship. ALONE. Not goofing off too much, I am making lists of cool places and listening to music. I'm pretty sure the neighbors want to kill me. Whateves o'sevs.
Skipped class and totally saw Ratatat on wendsday with Dana, Katrina, and Sandy. IT RULED. Front row, center. Someone fell in love with me, I'll never see them again. Had a meal at McDonalds for like 2 dollars in NYC!??!?!(unheard of), I am pretty sure they rung me up wrong. So sweet (-) my lost lover. I would put these images in a cut for you but I don't know how to do that yet. Enjoy the low res pics!


HOLY SHIT! my heart just exploded

I love the internet. You can bump into the coolest stuff. You can find more cute babies on www.cutebreak.com



Today was a pretty busy day. I set my alarm for 8 am thinking I could fit the gym in before heading to class, WRONG.  Good thing is that I got out early and headed to a trade show Promostyl is working to surprise my bosses and to get them to help me with my homework. During this time  I came to the realization that I am not nearly as creative as I was five years ago at 15 and that I need to educate myself and get my shit together. I blank out too much, I NEED MENTAL STIMULATIONNNNN and a vacation. I also need to finish reading some books I’ve bought, we will see how that turns out! On to the vacation; Matt and I are picking dates for our month get away to Europe. It's becoming more and more real as the weeks pass.

I am currently multi-tasking and lurking the Cool Cats blog. Michael from La MJC just posted the MOST HELLARIOUS website ever, I need to share, it's called "why the fuck do you have a kid". Love it, almost as much as I love making hyperlinks on this thing. I have four so far.  You will also notice that I love putting commas and semi colons in every sentence I write. 

Off to finish my book and eat carrots. Which apparently by eating a good amount of can give you a nice golden orange glow. Whateves, it's better than the  NYC PALE yellow glow I currently have. 


Too young to love

More summer inspiration ...
Lolita -  A sexually precocious young girl
I love wild and crazy kids!!  


Minha Menina

I cannot wait for this summer. I plan on living out this picture of Sofia Coppola by Jurgen Teller while Minha Menina by Jorge Ben Jor blasts in the background ... off my cute little sail boat.

A gift for you

I have a million things I need to do within the next hour but instead of doing them I decided to spend the majority of the time looking for a cute picture of a cat to post. 



Ok, soooo
In the last few days I have decided to update my internet accounts and stuff. I now have a twitter and blogspot. HOW EXCITING! I can't say I am 100% satisfied with the layout and design of this blog but WHAT CAN I SAY! I'm a newbie. Also let me just warn you... I have terrible grammar so don't judge. 
Hopefully I can keep it up. I like it cause it reminds me of LJ! <3
This blog is going to be used to share images of things I like that inspire me and can hopefully inspire you. Fashion, travel, food, music or some dumb stories I might feel the need to share.