my friend lucy

basically this little girl is a slore. here mama killed herself and baby girl found her dead. she was adopted by this family who fell in love with her. then she manipulated them into giving her attention. eventually everyone wants to eat her out.
I let her into the CGK though Lolita is alot smarter than her.

Chain email of the month


thanks edgar

Festin with my Bestin

Glitter Vomit the Vegetarian

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Hey Y'alll

i was on the bus today. My bus driver was this tiny little spazzy man, he was so happy to be driving this bus.

there were like 60 peepz on the bus. i was sitting in the second row, i must have seen like 50 people get off a diffrent spots before it was my turn. He said "HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!! :>  "to EACH PERSON, SWEAR TO YOU!!! as they got off. My heart was growing fonder for him, I felt so good about someone spreading cheer this late at night to a bunch of ugly miserable people getting home from work. anywho, it go to a point where in my head i said "i cant wait to get off so i can tell him to have a good night!" i practiced my "thanks! :) you too!!!" in my head. I was all chipper

we get to my stop...

3 women are getting off ahead of me and one behind me.
its my turn now.
super smily
he doesnt say "have a great night!" to me
i deflate
i hate the world
i hate you bus driver
why did u ruin my night
now i have to study for the math class i failed last semester. CUTEEEEEEE>.

mwwahhhh i love you



Tiffany Chang Motion Graphics Reel 2010 from Tiffany Chang on Vimeo.



If You're In Love

beautiful, full screen it
S├ębastien Tellier



I'll admit, when i heard about the Sailor Moon inspired music video I automatically started hating because someone did it before me.

but really, its so perfect. Maluca is amazing! for this one.

won't you come to comfort me

I need to learn how to express myself better.

i dont want to go


Naomi Preizler

#1 fan. CGK

Muse: Fafi prt. 3

I hate Rihanna but how AMAZING was she at the VMA's!!! (look-wise) I loved this outfit and the hair! she must have been inspired by the Fafi girls. 

Fun Fact: Faf likes to paint on dirty walls in obscure parts of cities so her paintings can help guide girls on their walks home! how sweet!!!!! So usually a girl would be walking home in a gross part of town with nothing to look at but then the next day she has a sweet Fafinette to guide her through the night!

Muse: Fafi prt 2.

I first laid eyes on a Fafinette in 2004.
I was on Livejournal, lurking peoples profiles and came across an icon i realllly liked, I think either my friend isabella or haley had it. anywho. I asked her who the artist was, she said "Kurt Halsey"
Kurt was showing at the same gallery or was rep'd by the same gallery or soemthing like that as Fafi. Fafi was currently exhibiting or just finished a show called Girls, Girls, Girls that Kristin Ulve was also part of. I saw what looked like really pornographic/cute/kiddy girls.  I further lurked the hell out of fafi and found even more cute shit. The bright colors and heart tatted cheeks made me happy.

a few years passed and my collection of screenshots grew. Then I learned she was married to Dj Mehdi (idk if they are married but i think they are. wtvr) anyways. Mehdi was always a favorite and i didnt think to put the two together until i heard the song Lucky Boy in 06, faf is on the track. Anywho, as a fan I'm embarrassed to admit I thought she was still dating Tilt until then.

My obsession rubbed off on my bff Shilah. Shilah is an illustrator and photographer, she likes beautiful, colorful things too. naturally she fell in love with Fafi and flew in from So.Florida to NY to visit me but more importantly to meet Fafi at a MAC cosmetics event she was doing!

Shilah likes to play with make up, we played dress up and she transformed me into a Fafinette. I wore brand new, bright pink Alife x Reebok sneakers. I remember the subway enterance was flooded and i didnt want to fuck up my sneaks, i asked some random dude to carry me. HE DID! it was funny.

such a loser
then a few years later, I was sitting in Shilahs sister's room in FLORIDAAAA<3. Uriel, the sister, went away a week to visit her boyfriend in cali. Uriel was a girl with very simple tastes at this time, he room had white walls she didnt really care for. We decided to surprise her by painting some of the earlier, more X rated Fafi works on her walls. It was an attempt from Shi to make her younger sister REALLY MAD! (shi did all the work! i supplied the paint and helped pick out images) Uriel walked in and said," DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDEEEE, its kinda cool". Its been there ever since. 
l also have a really cool zine that shes featured in but i cant find it. hope it wasnt given away to goodwill or something. I'll cry.
FUNFACT: From what i've read, she started doing this to rebel but ALSO to catch the attention of cute boys she liked. She wanted them to appreciate her or something, haven't all us cool girls felt the same! GENIUS. i love her for that.


Muse: Fafi prt.1

Today is Fafi day!

Most of you may not know that my style and obsession with all things french comes from this girls creations!!!

One of my highschool muses was this fafinette, I named her Maria Teresa Sampedro. I used to trace her over and over again until I could draw something similar without looking. She was my binder picture all though my Senior year, I still have that old print out floating around somewhere in my closet. Before my computer crashed I had an inspiration album with over 500 fafi related photos saved on my computer, it was titled "my girls" PRE-Animal Collective!!!