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I'd like to sleep with silk, suede, and satin

Marie aim‘rait diner au champagne tous les soirs de l‘année
Eclipser les autres par son charme, son talent, ses idées
Marie voudrait avoir à ses pieds des amants riches et beaux
Au bras de qui elle sourirait à la une des journaux

Marie en veut, fait tout, croisent les doigts pour aider le destin
Non, Marie n'a pas besoin qu'on lui fasse un dessin.



Diamond Princess

Everyday my big sister Trina, aka. diamond princess, inspires me to be a diamond princess of my own.

Trina - No panties uncut by yafs1925

I finally bought all my finger jazzing equipment and hooked up my nails real nice.

For this I started with a top secret color from a top secret company. (I actually dont know if this is top secret anymore so I'll have to ask, i'll let you know soon) then I topped it with a coat of that Jelly polish by B.S.N. I spoke about on my vlog (its called PINK JOY, it didnt do shit, but looks really awesome on bare nails. using it for an ombre next).  FINALLY I very lazily dragged some of Essie's "SILKEN CORD" along the tips for a melted Popsicle look. IF YOU TILT UR SCREEN U CAN PROB SEE IT.
Now for the fun part! I got all these little gems and fruits at a random general store in the city. You can find them anywhere, I've seen them at sally's beauty supply too. I've been walking around all week with them in my bag, Friday I got ghetto with it and set up my own nail station on a water bed at the standard rooftop. All that glossy ish on my skin is nail glue, it can get messy, especially if you are as reckless as me when it comes to doing things right.

So there you have it, that was the tester.

heheeh vlog

hi guys,

first vid post, couldn't type. don't make fun, i'll cry.