I am jealous of everyone in South Florida.
I am still younggggggg!!!! I want to stay. 
I am torn between NYC and FLA. Do I really want to start looking for a fancy job now??? Shouldn't I just keep being 19 and be lazy and have fun.
Here in Florida life is more stress free, people really take it for granted. I like that things here are more nature and home oriented. I feel like in NY all I do is work, work, and go out to a crowded place to dance with fellow drunk people. Sounds fun, but where is there time to sit down and get to chat up with a friend? Plus with NY money I feel like a millionaire in FLA hahah.
EDIT: May 28th 2009
I AM COMING BACK ON THE 19TH OF JUNE FOR 2.5 MONTHS, and that's my final decision. I feel better now. PHEW



Just went out in BOCAAA tonight for the first time in a long time. I was only impressed by the negatives. Being here made me realize that New Yorkers are nicer than your typical Boca kid; It also reminded me of a style dress which has been very popular here in the last two years. I thought it was going to go away but it's still BOOOMING.
have a look
ughhh. Such a shame. WHATEVES.
On the bright side I saw Allie Z! Also DJ Mustache Florida played some GREAT music! (Check it out! More to come on him)
P.S. Where is the sun at?


You lost your ranking as a MOB

So I finally got my hands on this t-shirt i've been wanted for a long time. Paid 10 dollars in shipping and handling though. WTF!
Anyways, it has one the coolest girls of all time on it JANE BIRKIN!!!! yayayayay!!! I want to be her...one day. Until then, i'll walk around with a shirt of her exposing her boobs. SOOOOOOO RAUNCHYYYY. 
I got it in black. Should I have gotten the orange??? I feel like she was too washed out in the orange...right??? I AM SOOO INDECISIVE!!! 
"Je m'appelle Jane et je t'emmerde"
DL "Je m'appelle Jane" by Jane Birkin Ft. Mickey 3D...NOW!!!!!!
This post is in memory of a fallen "MOB". God bless her...



As you may or may not know...Matt and I were born into the family of king Triton. 
Actually, he is my father and Matt is just a good family friend, anyways, disney 
did a documentary on us.
Whatever, I haven't slept in about 42 hrs. I'm off to dream about being a merbaby


"Ze moon! Ze June! Ze spoon! C'est l'amour!! C'est toujours!"

The other day my BFFEAE Mathieu (the one I'm going to France with....HOPEFULLY) texted me something amazing. He wants to get Pepe Le Pew tatooed on him when we are in France as a souvenir. If I liked tattoos I would totally get Penelope tatt'd on me so we could match. If I were Mexican I would def. get Speedy Gonzales tatt'd on me IMMEDIATELY! If I were crazy and had a mullet and did crystal meth and lived in a trailor park I would get the whole crew of Warner Bros characters, from Tweety Bird to Marvin the Martian to THE TINY TOONS!!!<3>
Pepe and Speedy are such lover boyz. Love them.



Soo, I have been way busy with finals and work and my internship this week so I have been slacking on this bloggy. I finished finals today though so WOOOOOOO!!! hella mad cool!!! This means I will have 
1. More of a social life
2. More time for me
3. More relevant posts!!
Anywho, Just got back from the gym and i'm all sweaty and gross but I refuse to take a shower until I update this. I burned 400 calories today btw. it's probably nothing for you healthy people but for my baby lungs it is a big deal.
In the news...
I will be in SoFla from May 19 until the 27th; hence my recent gym addiction.
I will be living in NJ when I get back :/ I don't think I am ready for that, I might die. 
I have a new friend! LAURA!!! I adopted her from France. yayayay for new friends. Hi Laurasita. Thanks for the French to English dictionary!
Ok. So far this is of no importance to you, and I am sorry. I keep confusing this for live journal. NEW POST TIME!
p.s. Totally got tipsy at school today fo free. FIT RULES


look how funky he is...i'll never be hip

pretty sure i've posted this on FB before but incase you haven't peeped it. DER U RRR


un bebe

awwwwwwwwwwww i want one


Put up with me then I'll make you see

Just being professional and shit here. Crackberry, tea, notebook, and macbook. Holding down the fort.
I get ADD even when I'm working on things I love
Currently I am working on a presentation that I am going to give to the Director of Promostyl Americas where I am interning. I have to present tomorrow morning!!!! WOWZERS! I am so excited. It's not huge but it's something and I have to make an excellent impression. So far I have one of seven sections completed...I have to wake up early tomorrow, but this blogging thing is too much fun. I have all night. whateves. right?
One more thing, Passion Pit. dey rule. Everyweek I pick a song to play the shit out of and end up never wanting to hear again. This week it's Cuddle Fuddle by Passion Pit. It's the sweetest thing. It's unfortunate that i'm ruining it for me by over playing it. OH WELLLL
I promise I will learn how to post mp3's soon! Until then Buy it, download it. Make it happen
here is a youtube vid



Why does education cost so much? JESUS. I'm just thinking of all the kids who prayed to get into their dream schools, got in, and then were let down when their parents regretfully inform them that its just not financially possible. I know kids at my school, such as myself, who work, intern, and go to school full time leaving no time to relax in their schedules. They aren't learning shit at school, they are too busy working to pay for it and distracted as jelllll. So sad. One day it will change? capaz.
Don't they know that ^that happens when you don't go to school!!!?!?!??

my girls

Ok so...due to a very unfortunate story that I heard today about a DISGUSTING 20 year old scum bag monster and a sweet naive 15 year old girl I have decided to write this entry about luv n skewl.
I just want to remind all the boys and girls out there of a very important saying. I want this saying to be forever imprinted into your brains and NEVER EVER EVER under ANY circumstances think that it is o.k. to waive it. "ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER" Am I right or am I right?!? Cheaters suk dixxx. So basically, please do not take back cheaters, all it says to the cheater is "HELLO I  AM REALLY DUMB PLEASE CHEAT ON ME AGIAN, IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ANYONE ELSE. I LOVE THE PAIN YOU CAUSE ME. I AM A MASOCHIST"
Dear High Schoolers, 
Don't date people outside of high school. It's just so much more fun to date people that go to school with you! Really, you can still be cool and do this. You can also do fun high school things together, like go to pep rallies and wear matching outfits to skewl, and paint your faces on game days at school. SO FUN! Plus older boys/girls don't care about your stupid pep rallies or what Lisa said during lunch to Megan, or how Marcy and Sean broke up because she wouldn't give him a B.J. They also don't care/have sympathy for the fact that you have to go to bed early cause you have school the next day at 7 am. or that you are really stressed out over you AP human test. EVEN if they say they care, chances are they don't. If they are in college where you can't monitor them then they are probably cheating on you. 
ok thats it, enjoy high school it can be loads of fun.
Fotos by Joseph Szabo



It's saturday its a Saturday saturday its a Saturday
Matty just posted the best picture of him and I. He's the cheetah dog and I am the little girl. The man is our dad.