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Random 10

(me being silly)
So like 5 months ago I said I would do a randomly selected ten songs from iTunes and tell you if you should like them or not and why. I didn't stand by my word, and I forgot to until my friend reminded me today. So here it goes.
My randomly selected 10 songs.

Cat Power - Fool // Chan Marshall's voice is so beautiful and soothing, she could say whatever she wants and still leave you in a dreamy state of mind.

Lou Reed - Perfect Day // I dedicate this one to a special hunk/cutie out there. "you made me forgEt myself, i thought i was someone else"

M83 – Kim & Jessie // Love this song from the first time I heard it working at Am Appy with Dana, Katrina and Katherine

The Stills - Yesterday Never Tomorrows // MEH, cute song. Not a huge stills fan. soooo. yeah. wtvr. don't listen to it.

Michel Fugain - Attention Mesdames et Messieurs // Love Monsieur Fugain, the beginning of this song always scares the hell out of me and catches me off guard. so BEWARE. Everyone should listen to Fugain, he gets the party started.

Melt Banana - Disposable Weathercock // I only have good things to say about this. I'm going to see them in Nov. BY MYSELF! can someone please come with me?! I am going to make a cartoon to go to this song one day.

Korn – Got the Life // AMAZING. DO I HAVE TO JUSTIFY THIS SONG?!?! I think not. Jonathan Davis = musical mastermind for life

Cradle of Filth - A Dream of Wolves in the Snow // the perfect song to go with my previous post."Through the swirling snow, Volkh's children come to run with me; to hunt as one, to snatch the lambs of christ" This is why I need to see them live. I bet they sacrifice goths and cows on stage

DJ Mehdi – My Time My Days //Another amazing song by an incredible and sweet artist. Aside from being one of my fav. djs ever, Mehdi is also a wonderful person. He sticks to what he loves and knows when it comes to music and doesn't let the public and trends have much influence. He is funky fresh. I know this song from the CD "Des Friandeses Pour Ta Bouche"/soundtrack to Megalopolis.

Nirvana – Come As You Are // You tell me

Below you can preview and prob DL. My Time My Days by DJ Mehdi


My decadent life

Okay, so, I have like 30 different themes for my dream home. Who knows if one day i'll be able to afford to have 30 diffrent dream homes?!? Whatever, I can dream can't I?

Wish I had more hours in my day to lurk the internet harder than I already do, If I did I would have a million better images to show you, but I don't so BEAR (bare?) with me OK?

Vania Zouravliov will be commissioned to illustrate my family from his prospective

my children will learn all of Liszt classics at age 4

the bed, reminds me of the step mothers bed in Cinderella


our pet, we call him Sebi

outside view

The Gardens where I will entertain

The cute neighborhood kiddies

Fav bracelet i will wear everyday

I will do my makeup here

I will lie down here and seduce my lvr

He will haunt the house & scare my children

This will be our calender

and we will wake up every morning to this:


This is how I feel at least once a day...

But my number one fav. part of this movie has always been the one with Aurora Miranda. I'd always get scared at the end though when the men turned into fighting cocks then back to humans and lots of cymbals would start clapping and they would do capoeira.
Jose was the cool one