Heaven and Hell at The Standard

last night i (suicidal Indian princess forced into an arranged marriage)

hung out with:
2 amazonian geishas
a tree
and commoner

IT WAS AMAZING. Hell > Heaven.

im going to post pictures once the tree loads all hers, i left my camera in bjorks bag.


The countdown begins...

cant wait for halloweeen!!!


vamos iniciar un viaje a traves de los cosmos

EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.

I need you.
This is amazing  THIS IS AMAZING. this is COOLGURLKREW. If coolgurlkrew had a music video, it would be this.

ALSO can you see the Jean Rollin references?

hows that

P.S. my girl Jamie mentioned the Carl Sagan shout out, shes a smarty

I want to feel like


Keep an eye on your kids... part 1

Russian kids VS American kids... such bad asses in their own ways. 
Welcome to part 1. of my 3 part series where we will discover the differences and similarities between these two youths. I am using these images to build the bases of my research.
by having just recently written "russian kids", i am accepting the fact that i will get a ridiculous amount of visits by hairy american perverts sitting on their rusty couches somewhere in arizona. 
NoFX guys!! sorry if i offended any nasty old men or kids from AZ!!!!! or russian, or american kids!I LOVE YOU ALL. In the next series ill poke fun of south american kids like myself!!!


 they party like most midwestern americans during prom. visible bra straps, shiny long dresses, etc.
A teachers pet, next level. I don't think they have dress codes.
MY NEW IDOL. apparently female cops over there are MADDDD COOOOOL
They are awkward like all teens
they stage orgies. Dont know much about this in American culture, i will have to do more research.

this hat is very popular
they love pastel colors
 One thing to note. Most of them had a feeling the 90s were going to come back since early 2000, from recent pictures i see they are on point with the trends.

marijuana, so Spring 2010
im tired. time to sleep.


you, pay attention!


hey playgirl