DO YOU LIKE SYSTEM OF A DOWN??... fuck yes!!!!!!!!!

This is all I ever did growing up in South Florida. My friend Sarah and I would get together, tye dye shit, play dress up, do fun make up, buy props from the dollar store and party city, paint records. etc. SO MANY AWESOME MEMMMOORRRIESSSS. Yesterday my mom said, "Funny, you and sarah hung out and did what you always used to do. Dress up funny and go out"
duh mommom.
We went to atlantic, saw some good dj from DFA play at a SHITTY Guido club. Made up personalities and made guys buy us diet coke. ended it off with trip to pizza rustica.
CoolGurlKrew x DietCokeSarah
one second one second one second. you wont be hearing from me for a while. BRB. work calls.

"why are you wearing that wig?"
-"i wanted to be the biggest douchebag here but i failed" DietCokeSarah
"does that wig ever come off"
-"you'll have to wait till we are in bed to find out" -DietCokeSarah





I think some of you guys seem to be confused about this blog and what it means and all.
We'll COOLGURLKREW, the phrase, started off as a joke, I don't know why I thought it was so funny at the time. The sub-heading YOUNG DUMB AND FULL OF CUM is something i stole from my old boss, she used to say that about the boys i went to highschool with. I loved it.

I think a while back, maybe somewhere in the first 4 posts, i wrote about how this blog was formulated to exploit naivety, via youngdumbandfullofcum. I wanted to write it the same way a 13 year old girl would, spelling mistakes and all. I think there is a 13 yr old girl inside of all of us (even you boys out there), mine is just a little intense and always screaming to get out.

Sometimes this little girl gets narcissistic and she starts posting my feelings  but im a bit self-loving so i cant help that, even when i write about how much my life sucks or how no boyz like me, deep down inside i know i'm the shit. and YOU ARE THE SHIT! thats why you are reading this right now. CAUSE YOU ARE A COOOOOL GURL/BOIIIIII. part of the  KOOLKIDZKREW (why didnt i think of that blog name until justnow?)

If i were this intense in the real world I don't think i'd have any friends, so i guess i am using this as a platform to indulge in my silliness and get it out of my system. PLUS! Silliness can be inspiring, thats why all 14 of you are following me. . . right?

but yeah. basically this is just one big mess of nonsense that runs through my head. It's meant to inspire you, and relieve me.

your friend,


wheeeeerree iiiiiiiii aaaaammmmm

the only thing keeping me dryyy is
you seem so out of context
in this guady apt complex
the stranger w. the door key
explaining that im jsut visitng
i am finally seeing.
that i was the one worth leaving
Deeeeeeee.C. sleeps alone tOniiiiiiiight.

thats all. I don't dedicate that to anyone.  EDIT: i dedicate this to gabfrat @ glittervomit.tumblr.com its jsut my fav. part of the song. EVER
prob. messed up on some parts. wtvr.

back to fixing my desktop.

go listen to the postal service (RIP) right now!

I'm Back

Okay, I'm back from the dead. I just painted my nails nice. took a shower. went tanning. and had brunch today. I feel kindof restored.
i know ive been making such bullshit posts. like videos and pictures. whatever. i am ready to type my thoughts ya knoo?! Although, i do think you should watch ALL the videos and look at all the pictures i post! I do it for YOU! cause i love YOU! i want to SHARE beautiful things, beautiful ideas, and provoke beautiful feelings!!!! I'm not just doing this for my health kids. So go ahead, go back a few pages and look at ALL THE VIDEOS. yes the ludacris ones, the one i jsut posted with Lou dancing, the one of the little boy singing "Damaged" by the Pussy Cat Dollz. ALL OF THEM. especially the one i did with Crystal Castles and the moving GIFs. it only took me about THREE HRS OF MY LIFE to pick the appropriate gifs to go along with it.


so right now i am working on organizing my desktop. I currently have 405 files on it! so annoying to clean out but it must be done. I have a good music review post in the making, one called Dream Babies, I DO part 1, and Brazilian Merteen. use your imagination. the ywill be amazing.

maybe ill do a I HATE BOYS rant too. ive been feeling that alot lately.

okay lylas/b
mar mar


"Maria, I don't care if you think you're odd becuase I feel like singing when I see you and you're beautiful."
via Skins....okay maybe I edited a bit.



my girl




i'm going to




BABY...i'm yours.




just L I S T E N

hehehe DRAKE

I'm not embarrassed to say that I love Drake!!!

And now a dumb line that i could easily picture coming out of weezy f babyz mouth. 
" I know way too many people here right now
That I didn’t know last year, who the fuck are y’all?"

I wish my room could do what happens @ 00:40

hes so painfully geeky, <3 him


Fatty Girl

who me?


I'll be you're whatever you want

I was sitting at my desk when I heard the famous bass lines from Cannonball. I then realized my boss was playing The Breeders. How exciting. BLAUGWERTHYYYYY

Aufram Ísland

"will you put this link in your blog? the icelandic govt has asked all icelandic people to share this video to attract touritsts to iceland now that the eruption is over"  - Selma Toohey at http://roisterish.blogspot.com/

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.


Doe a Deer a Female Deer

myspace comments
myspace layouts


Part 2

If you O.D. on G.A.F.

this happens:
which brings me to: 


"tonight's tonight, tomorrow's tomorrow"
The "I.D.G.A.F" attitude is liberating, try it.
In moderation. cos then you'll fail your math class like I did. YAY.