"I like turtles"

and the cool kid of the day award goes to...



This is the most fun ever, you will laugh hard trust me



Dino popped into my head today, somehow i managed to remember 50% of the lyrics by this fictional character from HEY ARNOLD!.
This is my new wedding song. ENJOY & thank me later. I know I made everyones afternoon with this.

"my sister, the mean one, pulling my hair"

This year I have decided to dress up as Cecilia for halloween. I like her loads, she was always my favorite character in The Virgin Suicides, such a deep and scary little girl. Plus, I have wanted an excuse to walk around in a vintage wedding dress for like 4 years now. THIS IS MY TIME TO SHINE.



Okay, during the summer before high school my friend and I would lock ourselves in her room while our parents had dinner parties and we would play music videos to random songs to see if they matched up...I KNOW. WHATEVER WE WERE 13 whats a 13 year old to do?!?! anyways, we were in love with the song "TOO YOUNG" by Phoenix and we also were in love with X-Tina's "DIRRRTY" music video. SO WE COMBINED THE TWO TO MAKE MAGIC!
It works like this:
I have conveniently loaded "Too Young" onto my DivShare, along with the You Tube video for DIRTY. All you have to do is be patient and let them both load, then your gunna let DIRTY run for like 22 seconds. THEN you will play TOO YOUNG and mute DIRTY. THEN YOU WILL DIE LAUGHING. GOT IT?!!?


"let the fly come to you"

Gab...so wise.
Dead Fly Art, no word on who makes these.
Imgs courtesy of  Mustache Florida contributor at Penned Madness

90's day

I recently helped my cousin's friend pick out clothing at AA so she bought me this awesome American Apparel sheer button up. Surprisingly the perfect size and cut. LOVE IT. Today I wore it to work with this wine lip for a "Friends"x"Sofia"x"Buffy the Vampire"x"Alanis"x"everyone" effect, my boss' said "Oh!! Spring 10 sheer moments!" Love them. 
Sofia posed lip

Gap Commercial

Glitter Bomb

Today is glitter day. I love glitter. Last week I pretended I was a Dior Couture model with my roomie (god willing we'll be togetha 4 eva)...we put glitter under our eyes. SOO BEAUTIFUL. I'll post pics one day. So I think that from now on, every week i'm going to do 1 situation and the perfect outfit for that situation. Something really elaborate though, like..."Its a wonderful sunny and breezy day, about 70 degrees outside. A 25 year old Trend Forecasting VIP, very nice and grounded girl, is going to a meeting with a fellow industry profesh...but...SHES AN EVIL ENEMY P.R. GIRL THAT NO ONE LIKES EXCEPT FOR REALLY ANNOYING FIT GAY KIDS WHO THINK THEY ARE SO COOL BUT SUCK AT LIFE REALLY AND ARE FAT...(just lost like 30 viewers. PS. i <3 gay kids just not the catty ones at FIT, the nice ones are good in my book) So she has to look really hot but not really try too hard."Don't have a good reason for the meeting between a forecaster and PR girl but ill think of something...HAHAHA.  I'm going to give you everything from the hair to the underwear to the toes. etc...

Ashish Full-Length Sequin Gown // $1,630 // 
This is my dress for the grand ball I will be attending next week...in my dreams. I love this on someone with no boobs. I like everything on people without boobs. B00bz suck. But you have to have at least a lil bump on yo azz. cuase no buttz not cute

Judith Leiber// Parrot Clutch//ONLY $5,695!!//
This is my Grandma Clutch. Rich G-ma clutch. Like one that wears heels everyday and carries clutches, wears fancy hats, and has a really strong scent of Roses. I'd wear this lil baby while vacationing in Brazilll with an airy short and black, drapy dress or a long black silky kaftan with a nice plungggging neckline to show off my Rio tan
Miu Miu//Glitter Slingback//$570//
These little babies would be perfect for my afterwork cocktail with a crush I have from the 10th floor of my work building. He stopped me one day as we were both entereing the office and told me he liked my lipstick then he and expressed his interest in taking me to a fancy bar. I gave him my business card. JK. So i'd have my light blue nailzys on. and 90s red plum lipstick and black blazer, sheer black blouse, and black dress pants that cut off a lil tiny bit above the ankle...TRUST ME.



How cool would that be on a nice silk dress
Eno Henze


I'm back to my Sofia obsession. I probably look like such a creep on this blog cause i've got my Lick The Stars icon, previous post on her old Dior commercial, AND NOW IM POSTING ABOUT HER HAIR?!?! WTFFF

wtvr. i dont give a fuh. Yesterday I found a pic of her with a streak of pink hair under her brown hair...WE ARE TWINS!!! I was so happy. She'd want to be my friend I bet. Shes my one and only icon for lyffee. Below is my spring 2010 hair. It will be that long by then...hopefully!


Wish this was my life and not just a commercial 


shes broken

want the part that wraps around the thigh
Marina Bychkova


"we don't dive, we cannonball"

Thanks to n00by baby, Jose Hernandez of Anger Management Crew (no relation, just coincidence), I am now a great fan of Theo, her crew and this song. Merci Monsieur.

UGHHHHHHHHHHH This is such a car song, wish i had a car and a free road to drive it on. WISH THERE WAS A HUGE PATCH OF GRASS I COULD RUN ON!...maybe i'll walk over to Union Square Park on my break, I can run on the sidewalk with some homeless people. "YEAH YEAH, KICK ASS" JH

Found this, WOAW. Love her and The Get Down Stay Down more and more, min by min. She's signed to Kill Rock Stars. Wish I could become one of the genius' signed to that label one day.


"oldschool cupcake grunge"

no one gets me except Jose on this choice. WTVR! im getting them ....TONIGHT

"prosciutto di parma pink" Taylor Pratt


my boobs are growing!


This song reminds me of the second half of junior year and the summer before senior year and sing alongs and arm dances with Matty and Jaime. <3

I like how at the end she put her friendz Fafi, Feadz, Steve, Pedro, and Andre. I realize how crazy it is that their logos are so easily recognizable and yeah.  I don't know. It's cool is my point, I want a recognizable logo. Like McDonalds.
"check it out..."

p.s. love her outfitssss


Lucas Kamei

Fuck Tavi, This 15 year old cool kid is where its at. Can't wait to see how he evolves.

Thank you to : Figure & Mustache Florida for the heads up


Sometimes things aren't what they seem to be

My mom recorded this episode on VHS, used to watch it EVERYDAY


THIS Is why I cut my hair my luxurious long locks my first year of college. It looks great on them but i'll NEVERRRR do it again! Still love these girls though. If you can find me the mp3 for this scene I will love you forever and take you out to dinner or something. Song starts at 1:35.

Chantal Goya <3


It's a rainy day

Just sit home and watch youtube videos in your bed in a blanket with a cup of cold orange juice or hot chocolate or wtvr you like!


sorry, I'm SORRY!

So I actually ended up getting my computer back the day after I dropped it off at Apple. It wasn't that bad.

Hating Rachel Zoe for talking to Karl and John like it ain't no thing

lifes not fair
but one day. ONE DAY! K+J will luvvv me

okay, I have to go do my work. I'm knee deep in devoirs.


so long for now...

Taking my computer to Apple to get a new keyboard/mouse/plate thing put on it...I WANT TO CRY!!! CRY!!! I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH. SO SO SO SO SO SOS OS OSSOSOSOSSO MUCH. THIS IS SAD. SICK. THIS IS A...SICK SAD WORLD.
Ugh...Ihatethis.okaybyeforlikethenext5daysofmylife! WAHT WILL I DO!?
probably fuck around with my hair some more, play dress up, cut clothing up, paint my nails and unpaint them then paint them again like 300 times. . . watch movies...oh wait..i cant. CAUSE I DONT HAVE A PLACE TO PUT THE DVD IN.
maybe its for the best, it will look newer and prettier now, PLUS, its free!
Kind of tempted to draw all over it with permanent marketer and stuff, its getting replaced anyways right? its the same feeling like when you think how amazing it would feel to throw a tv out of a window, or break a computer with a baseball bat! im going to do that when im old and rich and can buy things for fun just to break them.

So long my faithful readers. aka. Mommy

Why I love Tilly and the Wall

Can't wait to have kids so I can force them to learn their ABC's with this.

Tilly & the Wall on SESAME STREET from Team Love on Vimeo.

cette soirée...je sens...je veux...

et danser


Pretty Pretty Princess

The most beautiful thing yet. Need to get rich and famous by the end of this month so I can have it all!!! Hands down this is my #1 for S/S 2010 followed by Prada for its awesome photo prints. What do you think H&M will knock off first? I say the horizontal/vertical stripe leggings.
(If you click the image you can see it magnified I believe)

Easy Lucky Free

I can't stop thinking about how much I miss being in France. I MISS EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I felt so happy and free there, everything was clean. I could live off bread ham and cheese for the rest of my life. I miss Lo, my french family and Bordeaux. It's cold here and I hate the cold so much, I bet I wouldn't mind the cold in France. Maybe I should stop being a fucking brat and enjoy the amazing life I live which never seems to be enough!? I just want to live in a dream I think. I have a very fairy tale impression of FR, maybe none of it is real and its just normal.

THATS IT! I'm moving and my family and friends are coming with. Bye U.S.A... I will miss your fried chicken.


   how good does that bread look?!