Le Viol du Vampire

Le Viol du Vampire
Jean Rollin-1967

No one ever wants to see this wif me. wah.


GERMS: electricYOUTH

EY! MAGATEEN 5 from Luis Venegas on Vimeo.

This video makes me so happy. Via. ASLASLASL


when i am older



she is the only one who can pull this bang off. LOVE THIS LOOK FOR BEYONCE!!! LOVE THIS VIDEO. WANT THIS AWESOMENESS! BEAUTIFUL LIP COLOR!! (P.S. how hxc bad ass does she look?!)

i hate school

Look today was inspired by Comb day Garkons (comme des garcons). I am sure of this because two peepz randomly told me. Felt skinny and my roommate inspired me to do a photoshoot so I did on photobooth in my kitchen cause im cooly. first pic is drugged up model moments via lazy eyes, look two is sleepy model, look three is baby model, look four is pondering clean model, look five is slutty kitten model, look six is "seat indian style" model.



Listen to this live, it is beautiful.
Blonde Redhead - Symphony of Treble





It's cold and rainy and dark and gross

I want to lie in the middle of a room in a warm tub and lots of natural light, but i want to wear a long dress so I can see it floating and play with it.

bout to bombard you with posts...stay tuned


It's my boss' baby's bday tomorrow. He is the cutest toddler i've ever met.  I went to Toy Tokyo and of course this one was the first to catch my eye. I asked the Sales Associate if he thought it was appropriate for a 2 year old, he said "yeah, theres no parts to choke on"...hope it doesn't scare the baby.


Felt kinda down

So I called my sister and mom to chat it up. My mom reminded me of how we used to collect our boogers on wall when we were kids. I love booger walls, her's was behind the bed, mine was behind the couch.

The age of booger walls...me smiling, meemz chillin, sissy red in the face from just having bawled her eyes out. The usual.



Eye Writer

The Eyewriter from Evan Roth on Vimeo.
Wow, Beautiful video. Enjoy


Bienvenue petite grenouille

Say Hi, to mi amiguita lolita la mas bonita!!! la pequena Lo.

Desperate Living

So I was on the Desperate Living blog and  I came across this gem. Needs to be reblogged...so here you go

a shout out to myself at 2:04 min, followed by Matty in the green jacket.


Javier de Miguel

My obsession goes back about 6 years when I saw his beautiful face gracing some blonde girl's leg(Natasha Poly) in a Gucci ad. I cut it out and put it on my binder cover for all of high school, now its stored safely in between the pages of some book.

wish that were my hand

The other day I saw a boy in his early 20's wearing a dress shirt and nice pants going to some important meeting. It was so handsome. I love when 20-somethings dress like wall street guys but I absolutely loathe when I see hipsters in shrunken suits from the children's section at Goodwill and round reading glasses with their greasy combed over hair. vomit.

 This is a tux but wtvr you get the point

the story so far

so first its this

then this happens

then its this

then this

no no, maybe this

then this happens


and then

and finally

and then after a while there is this



A friend of mine, Jerome LaMaar (of Compleatist) , has an amazing line of jewelry out right now! His concepts are really amazing, something to do with healing crystals, technology, your zodiac and other fancy stuff. Anywho, Jerome is amazing. Aside from working on his jewelry, he is also putting together his F/W 2010 women's RTW collection. He is progressing WAAYYYYY fast, so when I get ahold of what is going on with all these projects i'll let you guys know. Below is one of his first samples, it's a fun statement piece right!?!?!

Oh and its comPLEATed. Get it? you will more so when the collection goes out!

These days

I'm very close to burning myself out. Want to vomit. Can't wait until this school year is over, can't wait till thanksgiving in Florida so I can bury my head in the sand or tan or something fun.
Nico's voice always seems to calm me down though, enjoy!


Actual Pain

So AngerManagementCrew hooked it up with a sweet clothing shop. Actual Pain. Just my kinda style. They offer sweet prints by featured artist or movie stills(mines from To the Devil a Daughter) or things of that sort. pretty fun. I bought this crew neck sweater thing but these BOYZ (they have to be boys cause they didnt provide any info about the sizing!!! or if its a fleece or reg t-shirt material!) didn't tell me about the fit of this thing so lets hope its right. They only had an XS left in mens. so i got it. bamn thats my story love pics of scary naked girls, reminds me of myself. CoolGurlKrew 4 lyfe. This is so you Cairorama.


Wish my bewbs were this size


Morning Ritutal

Just got into work, eating an apple and clif bar while I listen to Oochie Wally, giggle, and stare at Nas.



The Hipster Runoff just did a post on videos making fun of HIPSTERS. It reminded me of the Scene Sucks vids, I can relate to this more.

The Monica Bellucci of ze food world

My love of fancy food started with NIGELLA <3 I used to glue myself to the TV when she came onto the food network. I remember I wanted to look and cook like her and have kids like her. . . FREAK.

My sister and I would play "Food Network" sometimes and I'd make her the film director or my child. depends.

the brits boys are nastayyy:
"I'd toss her salad with my engorged purple spatula anytime of the day or night. It's as simple as that. She can have my money and time in exchange for her buns and pussy. There, I've said it. Now you know." oh god. 

Maybe if i sit at my desk

Gab and I are sure that if we sit at our desks we do 200% more work than usual...not for me. 

Wish I were back in Europe :(

the day after

So I ended up staying in on Halloween night...I went out Friday. Figured that was good enough, plus I didn't wake up till 10:30 p.m.. so yeah. whatever. Pics coming soon.

Any who, I woke up and I found all my bracelets sprawled across the floor, my costume on the floor of the bathroom, hair everywhere; it was beautiful/gross. I cleaned all this morning, 'Des Friandises pour ta Bouche' was my soundtrack. Most inspiring song of the day goes to "Gonna Be in Peace" hidden track at min 3:59. Mehdi rules. 

CHECK IT, and start cleaning.

Electric Bug-a-boo over here was supposed to be ze bluudy beatrootz but i stole his mask for a sec.