July 2010 Bordeaux part 1

Going to France this summer to visit some friends with my little sister. Every now and then i'll post some summer looks, you guys are encouraged to share your thoughts. xxxo.
I'm very schizo about my personal style, in the fall ill dress as a goth baby and the next day as a lumber jack. The summer is when my favela chick comes alive. This summer i want to cross favela baby and southern france steez into one.

HOW DO I DO IT?! can I do it?

Do i HAVEEE to pick one?
which one do you think?

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ARABICA said...

Im not hugo but I am a friends of laura and I like your blog.
I hope to see you in july at bordeaux because laura often speaks of you and I've seen you on many photos of laura
I have the worst English in the world