Mama Roitfeld

Let me tell you about the first time i've ever been "Star Struck" 
So ...
I was just looking at pictures of the beautiful editors online while trying to figure out how the hell Anna Dello Russo got that awesome animated cursor on her blog.

And then I came across a photo of Carine Roitfeld

I then remembered the day I met her at the Carlos Miele Spring 10 show a year ago.

I remember I sat across her and couldn't stop starring. She is my idol. At the end of the show I tip toed quickly behind her as everyone rushed out to the next show. AND I SAID "Hi :) My name is Maria Teresa, just want to introduce myself" omg. i thoguht i was going to die,  she said "Hello, im Carine nice to meet you :)"


i wanted to just die, so happy.
and i said "see you around!" she said something like "ok ciao" , i was too in the moment to hear what else she said. Ya know? like when a cute boy you like says something to you out of no where and you have NO IDEA what he could have possibly said

thats basically what happened to me. Just wanted to share that again.

luv u


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