Four Visions: B-Sides & Forgotten Poems

Last year I was introduced to Daniel Abary of Four Visions and Youth Castles(new shoe-gaze project) by my beautiful and wonderful then roommate and now BFF, glittervomit. Dan writes and records all sorts of cute folky songs, most are based off of really sweet poems he writes about girls he likes/liked. Once we were fb chatting about bright eyes or his music or something and he whipped out this really dramatic line and it was awesome"i just write songs so she could know i love her." I DIED. I then told him i would save it and use it for something and now i am! 

I've downloaded most of the albums and thats not jsut cos hes cute and a friend, its because the music is way nice and dreamy! he has such a lovely/sad voice and i'm a moody girl. I listen to it and pretend i have a boyfriend/meaningful relationship or soemthing! you should totally listen to the "sea of twirls" song, i played it all the way home today!

"B-Sides & Forgotten Poems" is a collection of songs that didn't make it into the release I put out in October 2010 called "Poems." This release also contains a lot of older material I wrote in the past. Older songs like "Sea Of Twirls" were written and recorded when I was still in high school. "Spirit Fuck" is an example of improv on a friends garage band program whilst being 'sorta-drunk.' And "Graveyard Photos" is a terrible 'think-piece-poem-filler' i recorded on cassette (haha).

I always enjoy it when my favorite artists release b-sides and even demos to their listeners, so I thought it'd be rad to do just that.

You can tell there was a lot of experimentation in the past with my sound. I cringe and laugh at some of the vocals in these recordings.

As of now I'm taking a long break from writing acoustic/folk-esque stuff and working on a new project called Youth Castles. This kind of music bums me out.

released 08 February 2011 - All songs written and recorded by Daniel Abary. Violin is played by Claude Barnes in "I've Been Sleeping." Harmonica is played by Mike Ungano in "Spirit Fuck."

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bababababaaad said...

I like to pretend I have meaningful relationships too.. hahahaha