My halloween camera has been lost since November 1st 2010, yesterday we were reunited. Today I hung out at CVS for a while (fav place in the world) and developed my film. Some guy in cut me in line and having been delusional from a long day in the city i yelled "CUTTER!" and smiled. He got really offended and asked me to go in front of him so I did. Then he followed me around CVS and asked if i was upset, and im all "i was just effin with u dude, for fun" and hes like "yeah, i couldnt go home thinking u were mad at me" CREEEEEPYYYYYY, if i go missing in the next few days go to CVS and ask to review their security cameras from June 20th 2011 at 7:45PM and get that guy!

OK! on to the pics!!! So these all take place at Heaven and Hell at the Standard Hotel

started at Indry's place. These things are so cool, idk what they are
I was the ghost of an 16 yr old indian princess who took her life in the name of love. her neighbor was her first and true love, they were planning to get married until her parents ruined it all. They already had someone in mind for their daughter, an ugly 45 year old man who was balding and mean. On the day of her wedding her lover was taken away to the countryside so he wouldnt disturb the ceremony and she was left alone in her chamber to get dressed. She got dressed and then injected henna into her veins and died. THE END!
my friends

a tree in between two amazonian geishas (anything is possible on Halloween)
mi and my indio colorado friend
GEM as a hottie, some punk, and some dude showing off his bear

 R went dressed as an Angel, but really she was a fairy god princess.

ghost busters

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