My decadent life

Okay, so, I have like 30 different themes for my dream home. Who knows if one day i'll be able to afford to have 30 diffrent dream homes?!? Whatever, I can dream can't I?

Wish I had more hours in my day to lurk the internet harder than I already do, If I did I would have a million better images to show you, but I don't so BEAR (bare?) with me OK?

Vania Zouravliov will be commissioned to illustrate my family from his prospective

my children will learn all of Liszt classics at age 4

the bed, reminds me of the step mothers bed in Cinderella


our pet, we call him Sebi

outside view

The Gardens where I will entertain

The cute neighborhood kiddies

Fav bracelet i will wear everyday

I will do my makeup here

I will lie down here and seduce my lvr

He will haunt the house & scare my children

This will be our calender

and we will wake up every morning to this:

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