A friend of mine, Jerome LaMaar (of Compleatist) , has an amazing line of jewelry out right now! His concepts are really amazing, something to do with healing crystals, technology, your zodiac and other fancy stuff. Anywho, Jerome is amazing. Aside from working on his jewelry, he is also putting together his F/W 2010 women's RTW collection. He is progressing WAAYYYYY fast, so when I get ahold of what is going on with all these projects i'll let you guys know. Below is one of his first samples, it's a fun statement piece right!?!?!

Oh and its comPLEATed. Get it? you will more so when the collection goes out!


CairoRama said...

i would be interesting to see if its possible to laser cut the computer piece into shapes

elviswithlove said...

it's so weird