Actual Pain

So AngerManagementCrew hooked it up with a sweet clothing shop. Actual Pain. Just my kinda style. They offer sweet prints by featured artist or movie stills(mines from To the Devil a Daughter) or things of that sort. pretty fun. I bought this crew neck sweater thing but these BOYZ (they have to be boys cause they didnt provide any info about the sizing!!! or if its a fleece or reg t-shirt material!) didn't tell me about the fit of this thing so lets hope its right. They only had an XS left in mens. so i got it. bamn thats my story love pics of scary naked girls, reminds me of myself. CoolGurlKrew 4 lyfe. This is so you Cairorama.


Wish my bewbs were this size


Mathieu said...

See this is why I need to go with CairoRama

Mustache Florida said...

I like that sweatshirt a lot, I may have to purchase one as well.

WildFlower said...

That top looks pretty damn good to me, hope it fits how you like!
Hey I just realised you were one of my followers and I didn't know...just been looking through all the vid's you been posting...good fun love it.

CoolGurlKrew said...

get it mustache florida! the link is on the post, jsut hover over "Actual Pain"