Valentines Day Weekend Part 1 - Overview/Jams

Sorry, I have been busy living my life this weekend/forgetting V-Day existed.

I made it to see the Ed Banger crew do their thing at Webster Hall
hung out with strangers
made friends
Tribeca Grand
heard good music
saw my fav NYrs ERI&TIFFA
and many other exciting things

I wanted to do a load of fun posts on this blog the days before Valentines Day to get everyone in the spirit!!...I FAILED. Aka. music, hot guys, ideal dates. etc.
Anywho, I just realized I posted the Breakbot Valentines Mixtape on twitter but not on my blog!!!! WTF? Who even reads my tweets anyways. No one important probably, so I apologize for not sharing it with you guys. It's a bit late, but this sexy, funky, and soulful mixtape is guaranteed to get you some action wherever, whenever. and PLEASE LISTEN! 

Download: Breakbot Valentine Mixtape 


You guys will be missing out on good stuff if you don't listen to the ish I post! really! Trust my taste in sounds.

Anyways, my fav. part is when he brings in Dimples D "Sucker DJs" then moves into the John Morales edit of "Lady Bug" by Bumblebee Unlimited. It starts around 4 min 45 sec, you could hear the transition best around 5 min 20 sec but my fav. part starts around 5 min 47ish sec. (6min 8 sec to 6 min 15 sec) I think its so SUPER COOL GURL KREW, you know what I mean? . 

Honerable Mentions: 
10 min 5 seconds to 10 min 45 going from Surismo's rmx of Breakbot's "Baby I'm Yours" to The Dells "What a Night"
Around 13 min 20 seconds :Breakbots edit of I can't stand to see you cry by the Escorts going into Funny Bones then into GYM TONIC WAAAAAAAAAHHHH lalalala. 
ending the mix off by explaining menstruation to us. 
Just let me be your lady bug, 24 hrs a day ill give you love
just let me be your lady bug, 24 hrs a day; love you and kiss you and and kiss you and hug you.

PS. This kid at the after party was my fav. He was so happy and he was dancing. I love happy people. 
Oh yeah, and this dropped OGGI. (click "this")

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Selma Drofn said...

HAHAHAHAHA is that tampax advert real!?