I think some of you guys seem to be confused about this blog and what it means and all.
We'll COOLGURLKREW, the phrase, started off as a joke, I don't know why I thought it was so funny at the time. The sub-heading YOUNG DUMB AND FULL OF CUM is something i stole from my old boss, she used to say that about the boys i went to highschool with. I loved it.

I think a while back, maybe somewhere in the first 4 posts, i wrote about how this blog was formulated to exploit naivety, via youngdumbandfullofcum. I wanted to write it the same way a 13 year old girl would, spelling mistakes and all. I think there is a 13 yr old girl inside of all of us (even you boys out there), mine is just a little intense and always screaming to get out.

Sometimes this little girl gets narcissistic and she starts posting my feelings  but im a bit self-loving so i cant help that, even when i write about how much my life sucks or how no boyz like me, deep down inside i know i'm the shit. and YOU ARE THE SHIT! thats why you are reading this right now. CAUSE YOU ARE A COOOOOL GURL/BOIIIIII. part of the  KOOLKIDZKREW (why didnt i think of that blog name until justnow?)

If i were this intense in the real world I don't think i'd have any friends, so i guess i am using this as a platform to indulge in my silliness and get it out of my system. PLUS! Silliness can be inspiring, thats why all 14 of you are following me. . . right?

but yeah. basically this is just one big mess of nonsense that runs through my head. It's meant to inspire you, and relieve me.

your friend,


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