As some of you fashion kittens might, every 10 years we start feeling a bit of nostalgic about the past. (well people say 40, or 20, etc. I guess it just goes in intervals of 10 depending on which group of people you're referring to)

I'm 21 years old right now and about 2 years ago I went into pre-teen retrograde (Remember! thats when I created this childish blog). Memories of the late 90's and early 2000's began rattling in my brain. I decided to download all the dirty south songs my white bff's would force me to booty dance to (I am still addicted and cant understand why I would have ever abandoned such great music). I started dreaming about hitting the beach in a white bikini (a la J.Lo), riding a waverunner as the sun bounced off my Nars Orgasm'd cheeks (a la mariah). Those were the days where my friends and I were first exposed to HTML and would spend hours perfecting our AOL profiles, showing off all our "BFFS" in the form of slutty looking avatars from THEDOLLPALACE.com. We used to make water balloons and put them under our bathing suit tops, play Toothpaste at the pool, watch Singled Out spring break edition with DJ Skribble and point to the screen saying "IM THAT GIRL!!!"

am hoping to find use for the butterfly clips I begged my little sister to unearth and I am even considering sporting a tattoo jelly bracelet. We have seen so much color on the runways recently and I am excited for the upcoming summers which will hopefully be more carefree and original then our most recent ones. We've already started to see that whole raver look become cool, in NY there are gangs of sweet neo-clubkids who are starting to influence fashion mainstream of Parsons students. what is next? In 2002 Brazil won the World Cup, in 2014 the world cup will be in Brazil, I AM FEELING BRAZIL!!! I've been waking up to the sound of "BEAUTIFULLL I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOWWW" am now dreaming of full-blowout hair, glistening tan skin and wearing Versace's popular Green Palm dress from 2000.

who I admire for Those summers were all about brainless fun and I just want to say that i am SOOOOO stoked on being a child this summer. Whatever, dont I bought a playboy hat for the hell of it and i'll probably never where it but you know what? I digged out my butterfly clips from the depths of my little sisters bathroom, got back on my dirty south kick (still not over it) in white Raise your hand if you remember watching Singled Out spring break edition on summer afternoons while making water balloons and aim chatting with your buds AND updating your anglefire accounts...
This was my life