Francois Dillinger

Last night I saw Youth in Revolt with Uriel, Char, and Vic. Ur and I are big fans of Michael Cera. Uriel and Michael have the same voice without faking it, I think that's why I laugh at everything she says. Anyways. We snuck some burritos from Dos Toros in. YUMMY YUM YUM. My mouth was on fire the first 40 min of the film.

Previews: 2 really stuck out.
1st one was titled "She's Out of My League" starring Jay Baruchel, and no one else I care about or can think of,  so there. He is such a cutie, oy. The title makes the film pretty self explanitory, doesn't sound like an epic film but it should bring a few laughs.
2nd, "Piranhas 3-D" At first i thought it was going to be a hilarious comedy about college kids partying in Panama Beach, FL. I was close, its a hilarious scary movie about kids partying in Panama Beach, FL. It seemed too loud for my taste, I imagine myself hiding inside my tee the entire time. Go see it if you like 3-D stuff.

OK onto the feature presentation:

1st minute: Michael is jerking off in his bed: Uriel and I turn to each-other and say, "aw, hes so cute"...sick.

A few moments later: laugh laugh laugh. funny. cute. funny. cute. cute. meets the girl. more funny, more cute. THEN....we meet: Francois Dillinger.

GOD, who knew Michael could be so seductive. With that Serge Gainsbourg look-alike outfit, and his blue eyes, and his crossed legs, and his cigarette. Every francophile-teen's dream.
Okay, that's all  I am going to tell you. Go watch it. THE END.

Not a HUGE fan of blondes but OMG. Next post: top 10 hottest blonde males...maybe.

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