Review: Pinata! Apples

Today I went to Wholefoods in Union Sq. I took the escalators to the basment and was greeted with the fruit of the week, "Pinata!" apples. They were described as "sweet and crispy with a tropical twist" I automatically assume its going to taste like a mango. I picked the most attractive one and brought it home.

I said to myself, "don't be a fat ass, save it for work tomorrow" YEAH RIGHT. easier said than done. I googled "pinata! apples" and downloaded the press kit. FREAK. They share the same characteristics and Honeycrisp apples and do not brown when sliced. I tried to hold back but i had to taste this "tropical" fruit. WELL all i have to say is, IT TASTES JUST LIKE A HONEYCRISP!! This has 0 tropical taste.

Anywho, I'm full.

Conclusion: try it, it's a good apple. Honeycrisps are better though.

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