Auto Tune

I love going to work (KNOCK ON WOOD!), it's loads of fun and always inspirational. We always make sure to leave on a positive note so at the end of the day some of us decided it would be a good idea to recored some hilarious hit tracks.

Our friend Anthony H aka P + ONY is the master of Garage Band
Jerome (I want his stage name to be Jelly) is the master of sounding like a scary perv
I, DJ MeowMixxx am the master of talking shit

BandUntitled - Good Night
Our first song, "Good Night" has a really dramatic beat/base/track/wtvr to it. I added the strings to it, YAY ME! the vocals on the other hand aren't my favorite, I should have kept it really conceptual and said like 3 words throughout the track. WAHHHH hahaah . Instead I chose to talk about how my boyfriend abuses me and Jelly is in the background being my gay best friend, telling me everything will be okay. wtvr. ENJOY

BandUntitled - No Bras, No Panties
The second song, "No Bras, No Panties" is about being dirty. Jelly did a great job being a uber perv in the background, his voice is so dynamic. I luv him. P+ONY said, "LOLOL ur voice is so out of control that autotune helps regulate it" AHHHAHHAA...hate you.

***CAIRORAMA JUST BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION THAT I SOUND LIKE UFF! so embarrassed, now i'm like Ke$ha! I swear it's the autotune....SRRY!!***

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CarioRama said...

5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF!