Glitter Bomb

Today is glitter day. I love glitter. Last week I pretended I was a Dior Couture model with my roomie (god willing we'll be togetha 4 eva)...we put glitter under our eyes. SOO BEAUTIFUL. I'll post pics one day. So I think that from now on, every week i'm going to do 1 situation and the perfect outfit for that situation. Something really elaborate though, like..."Its a wonderful sunny and breezy day, about 70 degrees outside. A 25 year old Trend Forecasting VIP, very nice and grounded girl, is going to a meeting with a fellow industry profesh...but...SHES AN EVIL ENEMY P.R. GIRL THAT NO ONE LIKES EXCEPT FOR REALLY ANNOYING FIT GAY KIDS WHO THINK THEY ARE SO COOL BUT SUCK AT LIFE REALLY AND ARE FAT...(just lost like 30 viewers. PS. i <3 gay kids just not the catty ones at FIT, the nice ones are good in my book) So she has to look really hot but not really try too hard."Don't have a good reason for the meeting between a forecaster and PR girl but ill think of something...HAHAHA.  I'm going to give you everything from the hair to the underwear to the toes. etc...

Ashish Full-Length Sequin Gown // $1,630 // 
This is my dress for the grand ball I will be attending next week...in my dreams. I love this on someone with no boobs. I like everything on people without boobs. B00bz suck. But you have to have at least a lil bump on yo azz. cuase no buttz not cute

Judith Leiber// Parrot Clutch//ONLY $5,695!!//
This is my Grandma Clutch. Rich G-ma clutch. Like one that wears heels everyday and carries clutches, wears fancy hats, and has a really strong scent of Roses. I'd wear this lil baby while vacationing in Brazilll with an airy short and black, drapy dress or a long black silky kaftan with a nice plungggging neckline to show off my Rio tan
Miu Miu//Glitter Slingback//$570//
These little babies would be perfect for my afterwork cocktail with a crush I have from the 10th floor of my work building. He stopped me one day as we were both entereing the office and told me he liked my lipstick then he and expressed his interest in taking me to a fancy bar. I gave him my business card. JK. So i'd have my light blue nailzys on. and 90s red plum lipstick and black blazer, sheer black blouse, and black dress pants that cut off a lil tiny bit above the ankle...TRUST ME.

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