Okay, during the summer before high school my friend and I would lock ourselves in her room while our parents had dinner parties and we would play music videos to random songs to see if they matched up...I KNOW. WHATEVER WE WERE 13 whats a 13 year old to do?!?! anyways, we were in love with the song "TOO YOUNG" by Phoenix and we also were in love with X-Tina's "DIRRRTY" music video. SO WE COMBINED THE TWO TO MAKE MAGIC!
It works like this:
I have conveniently loaded "Too Young" onto my DivShare, along with the You Tube video for DIRTY. All you have to do is be patient and let them both load, then your gunna let DIRTY run for like 22 seconds. THEN you will play TOO YOUNG and mute DIRTY. THEN YOU WILL DIE LAUGHING. GOT IT?!!?


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i remember this day vividly...i actually told shelaina this story not too long ago