"we don't dive, we cannonball"

Thanks to n00by baby, Jose Hernandez of Anger Management Crew (no relation, just coincidence), I am now a great fan of Theo, her crew and this song. Merci Monsieur.

UGHHHHHHHHHHH This is such a car song, wish i had a car and a free road to drive it on. WISH THERE WAS A HUGE PATCH OF GRASS I COULD RUN ON!...maybe i'll walk over to Union Square Park on my break, I can run on the sidewalk with some homeless people. "YEAH YEAH, KICK ASS" JH

Found this, WOAW. Love her and The Get Down Stay Down more and more, min by min. She's signed to Kill Rock Stars. Wish I could become one of the genius' signed to that label one day.

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