so long for now...

Taking my computer to Apple to get a new keyboard/mouse/plate thing put on it...I WANT TO CRY!!! CRY!!! I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH. SO SO SO SO SO SOS OS OSSOSOSOSSO MUCH. THIS IS SAD. SICK. THIS IS A...SICK SAD WORLD.
Ugh...Ihatethis.okaybyeforlikethenext5daysofmylife! WAHT WILL I DO!?
probably fuck around with my hair some more, play dress up, cut clothing up, paint my nails and unpaint them then paint them again like 300 times. . . watch movies...oh wait..i cant. CAUSE I DONT HAVE A PLACE TO PUT THE DVD IN.
maybe its for the best, it will look newer and prettier now, PLUS, its free!
Kind of tempted to draw all over it with permanent marketer and stuff, its getting replaced anyways right? its the same feeling like when you think how amazing it would feel to throw a tv out of a window, or break a computer with a baseball bat! im going to do that when im old and rich and can buy things for fun just to break them.

So long my faithful readers. aka. Mommy

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