I just want to get away

KILL ME. So I am trying to get myself to fucking europe but every time I try to book a flight or find a place to stay I am hit with yet another obstacle. I know what I want and I usually know how to get it, so maybe this will fix itself...by tomorrow.
Enough of that lets move on to the title of this post. Everyone has been posting the new Jarvis animation for nike. It really is great, I love it. Everything flows together so nicely, animation always confuses me, I still have no idea how its done. I'll google it later. I had a list of things to google in my brain but I lost it, so good thing I have this one written out on my bloggy blog. Anyways the whole point of this was to tell you how excited I was to hear Crayon by Caribou in the background. I think I originally came across Caribou on the Domino Records site? whateves, you should check them out. They remind me of Sigur Rós mixed with a little bit of Animal Collective in there, and 1960s psychedelic pop. This post sucks. I'm tired and I want to finish reading my book. Oh and my friend told me I should change the title of this blog. It's too dirty she says, not parent friendly. I say \m/ I do what I want \m/ kekeeke

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