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I have Trina's voice stuck in my head. I think she is saying "what up, shut up, DONT SAYY NOTTINNN" Is it even from her? Could it be another hxc bitch? maybe lil'Kim or Foxy Brown?
I don't feel like writing a book report about "The travels of a T-shirt in the global economy" right now so instead i'll list the first 10 songs that play randomly in my itunes and i'll decide if you should check them out or not.
1. "Quand Je Claque Des Doigts" -TTC from album "3615 TTC" 
Awesome song by one of my fav frenchie groups. "clap your ass when I snap my fingers"....so good. DL it
2. "Bang this in the Club" - Girl Talk from album "Unstoppable" 
Mediocre. I like the luda luda part. Don't bother getting it though.
3.  "Dance with the Devil" Immortal Technique from album "Revolutionary Vol. 1." 
Everyone should have this already, if not, GET IT.
4. "Phantom pt. 2" - Justice from album "Cross"
Sorry, I JUST LOVE ME SOME JUSTICE ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Makes me want to get up and D.A.N.C.E. ...jk but srsly
5. "Amazing Love" - Pedro the Lion from album WHO CARES CAUSE IT SUCKS....DELETE
6."Talkin' bout Hey Love" - De La Soul from album "De La Soul is Dead" 
all I want to do is "Mack it and eat jelly beans" who's down??? Get this and let it inspire you.
7. "For the World" - Shai Hulud  from album "Hearts Once Nourished with Compassion and Hope"
river of blood that flows on an endless bank from a unicorns layer... in memory of the "scene sucks" vidz. get it if you like hxc I guess... I'm not a huge Shai Hulud fan, I thought I could be thats why I have it but I just can't.
8. "Paper Planes" - M.I.A. from album "Kala"
OH GOD. I'm over it...I say don't. If you want a song from this album get "Bamboo Banga" "Come Around" or "Bird Flu" or the whole cd
9. "Swingin'" - Hocus Pocus from album "73 Touches"
Another frenchie band. LOVE THEM. (You might soon start to pick up on how much of a sicko francophile I am sometimes) Jazzy Funk. Check them out for sure.
10. "Sexual Contractor" - Har Mar Superstar
I used to LOVEE Har Mar Superstar. Hence one of my many screen names being "MarMarSuperstar" Anyways, I prefer "H.A.R.M.A.R" so DL that one instead.
I would love to include mp3s for the ones I suggested you download. I'm not that blogger savy yet, one day... in the meantime BUY THEM on itunes or do what I do and lurk other blogs for them.
I miss my long hair
pretty gurl

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