Tonight we finally got to see the televised dissection of Lyuba the baby mammoth on the National Geographic channel. She was discovered in the Russian tundra, the Yamalo-Nenetsk region to be exact. She's a cutie. Lyuba was in near perfect condition when the wife of Yuri Khudi, an Inuit, discovered her. When they translate his voice to english on the NG channel they make him sound like an idiot, I would be pissed if I were Yuri. During the dissection they drilled out a piece of fat from her back for further observation ... am i sick for wanting to squeeze it?? hahahha EW! but really, I think it would have been fun to be in that room extracting and observing. In this program there were a few professors and doctors looking to learn new things from this discovery, the three main ones were an American, a French man, and an Asian man. The american man was sooo great!! He was so interested and such a poet. At night he would walk out to learn more about the tundra, write in his diary, and help out with the chores! The asian man was very smart, he was about getting shit done. He took a load of x-rays and stuff. The french man was whatever, the only good contribution he had was his accent. He wasn't too talkative. They let Yuri into the examination room btw. He was so hxc he didn't even were the protective mouth covering. Our baby Lyuba died from suffication :( she fell into a river where water and dirt filled her lungs. On the bright side, I just think it is so amazing when we discover great things about the history of the world, particularly through animals. I love prehistoric animals and monsters. Lyuba (aka. "love" in russian) was 40,000 years old!!! Once I had a dream that I lived in a castle and in the "Dungeon" there was a huge covered wooden pool and when you pushed a lever it opened and unleashed ancient water beasts!!! Prehistoric crocidiles, water serpents, you name it. If any of you use this as the basis for the next major sci-fi/Narnia-esque film I better get credits. AND MONEY. 
Anyways, there is a load of info that I am missing. So google it. My source, a good one. 

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