Today was a pretty busy day. I set my alarm for 8 am thinking I could fit the gym in before heading to class, WRONG.  Good thing is that I got out early and headed to a trade show Promostyl is working to surprise my bosses and to get them to help me with my homework. During this time  I came to the realization that I am not nearly as creative as I was five years ago at 15 and that I need to educate myself and get my shit together. I blank out too much, I NEED MENTAL STIMULATIONNNNN and a vacation. I also need to finish reading some books I’ve bought, we will see how that turns out! On to the vacation; Matt and I are picking dates for our month get away to Europe. It's becoming more and more real as the weeks pass.

I am currently multi-tasking and lurking the Cool Cats blog. Michael from La MJC just posted the MOST HELLARIOUS website ever, I need to share, it's called "why the fuck do you have a kid". Love it, almost as much as I love making hyperlinks on this thing. I have four so far.  You will also notice that I love putting commas and semi colons in every sentence I write. 

Off to finish my book and eat carrots. Which apparently by eating a good amount of can give you a nice golden orange glow. Whateves, it's better than the  NYC PALE yellow glow I currently have. 

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