Soo, I have been way busy with finals and work and my internship this week so I have been slacking on this bloggy. I finished finals today though so WOOOOOOO!!! hella mad cool!!! This means I will have 
1. More of a social life
2. More time for me
3. More relevant posts!!
Anywho, Just got back from the gym and i'm all sweaty and gross but I refuse to take a shower until I update this. I burned 400 calories today btw. it's probably nothing for you healthy people but for my baby lungs it is a big deal.
In the news...
I will be in SoFla from May 19 until the 27th; hence my recent gym addiction.
I will be living in NJ when I get back :/ I don't think I am ready for that, I might die. 
I have a new friend! LAURA!!! I adopted her from France. yayayay for new friends. Hi Laurasita. Thanks for the French to English dictionary!
Ok. So far this is of no importance to you, and I am sorry. I keep confusing this for live journal. NEW POST TIME!
p.s. Totally got tipsy at school today fo free. FIT RULES

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