You lost your ranking as a MOB

So I finally got my hands on this t-shirt i've been wanted for a long time. Paid 10 dollars in shipping and handling though. WTF!
Anyways, it has one the coolest girls of all time on it JANE BIRKIN!!!! yayayayay!!! I want to be her...one day. Until then, i'll walk around with a shirt of her exposing her boobs. SOOOOOOO RAUNCHYYYY. 
I got it in black. Should I have gotten the orange??? I feel like she was too washed out in the orange...right??? I AM SOOO INDECISIVE!!! 
"Je m'appelle Jane et je t'emmerde"
DL "Je m'appelle Jane" by Jane Birkin Ft. Mickey 3D...NOW!!!!!!
This post is in memory of a fallen "MOB". God bless her...

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