I am jealous of everyone in South Florida.
I am still younggggggg!!!! I want to stay. 
I am torn between NYC and FLA. Do I really want to start looking for a fancy job now??? Shouldn't I just keep being 19 and be lazy and have fun.
Here in Florida life is more stress free, people really take it for granted. I like that things here are more nature and home oriented. I feel like in NY all I do is work, work, and go out to a crowded place to dance with fellow drunk people. Sounds fun, but where is there time to sit down and get to chat up with a friend? Plus with NY money I feel like a millionaire in FLA hahah.
EDIT: May 28th 2009
I AM COMING BACK ON THE 19TH OF JUNE FOR 2.5 MONTHS, and that's my final decision. I feel better now. PHEW

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