Put up with me then I'll make you see

Just being professional and shit here. Crackberry, tea, notebook, and macbook. Holding down the fort.
I get ADD even when I'm working on things I love
Currently I am working on a presentation that I am going to give to the Director of Promostyl Americas where I am interning. I have to present tomorrow morning!!!! WOWZERS! I am so excited. It's not huge but it's something and I have to make an excellent impression. So far I have one of seven sections completed...I have to wake up early tomorrow, but this blogging thing is too much fun. I have all night. whateves. right?
One more thing, Passion Pit. dey rule. Everyweek I pick a song to play the shit out of and end up never wanting to hear again. This week it's Cuddle Fuddle by Passion Pit. It's the sweetest thing. It's unfortunate that i'm ruining it for me by over playing it. OH WELLLL
I promise I will learn how to post mp3's soon! Until then Buy it, download it. Make it happen
here is a youtube vid

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