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Ok so...due to a very unfortunate story that I heard today about a DISGUSTING 20 year old scum bag monster and a sweet naive 15 year old girl I have decided to write this entry about luv n skewl.
I just want to remind all the boys and girls out there of a very important saying. I want this saying to be forever imprinted into your brains and NEVER EVER EVER under ANY circumstances think that it is o.k. to waive it. "ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER" Am I right or am I right?!? Cheaters suk dixxx. So basically, please do not take back cheaters, all it says to the cheater is "HELLO I  AM REALLY DUMB PLEASE CHEAT ON ME AGIAN, IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ANYONE ELSE. I LOVE THE PAIN YOU CAUSE ME. I AM A MASOCHIST"
Dear High Schoolers, 
Don't date people outside of high school. It's just so much more fun to date people that go to school with you! Really, you can still be cool and do this. You can also do fun high school things together, like go to pep rallies and wear matching outfits to skewl, and paint your faces on game days at school. SO FUN! Plus older boys/girls don't care about your stupid pep rallies or what Lisa said during lunch to Megan, or how Marcy and Sean broke up because she wouldn't give him a B.J. They also don't care/have sympathy for the fact that you have to go to bed early cause you have school the next day at 7 am. or that you are really stressed out over you AP human test. EVEN if they say they care, chances are they don't. If they are in college where you can't monitor them then they are probably cheating on you. 
ok thats it, enjoy high school it can be loads of fun.
Fotos by Joseph Szabo


Patricia said...

Inspirational, excellent pictures.

selma said...

hahahahahahah MARIA!!!!!!!!!