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Okay, I just came to an insane realization. The other day I was in a car with some friends, my friends gf was like "OMGGG! PLAY THAT SONG,,,,THE AWESOME SONG!" I got excited, her man Mustache Florida at Penned Madness was like "ohhh yeah the all leather,,,,congorock remix....blah....blah" He played it, I instantly was filled with so much emotion i didn't know what to do. I haven't been able to get the song out of my head all week AND THEN! OMGGGG!!!! I GO ON MYSPACE AND SEE THAT JUSTIN PEARSON (of Three One G, and of acts incl. The Locust, Holy Molar, Some Girls, ETC.) does vocals for this band. AND THEN I SEE THAT HE TOURED WITH THE BLOODY BEATROOTS IN 2009, AND THENNNNN i see he has some production project. Then I remember going to see Aoki at webster in NYC and hearing him play The Locust's "Anything Jesus Does I Can Do Better" (ialso swear he played melt banana) and I almost cried i couldn't believe it i called all my friends, i freaked out... Basically Aoki brought back "MEMMORIESSSSS LIKE THE CORNERS OF MY MINDDDDDDD MISTY WATER COLOR MEMORIESSSSS"

How fun would it be if i could make sets consisting of some mathcore/grindcore/electrogrind/pornocore/pornogrind (lol) and thrash infused with hard electro. whatever. ONE DAY. 

Justin and I are basically twins. We went down the same path of musical maturation. jkjkjk. but really, it was a pleasure bumping into him again. yay 2010, its going to be wild.

And some presents:

The Locust - Anything Jesus Does I Can Do Better

All Leather - I Don't Hate Fags, God Does (congorock rmx)

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this never occurred to me...