part 2: being 14

aside from dubbing X-tina music videos to indie songs such as "too young" with Issa, much of our freshman and sophomore years in highschool consisted of listening to dirty electroclash in our rooms, making up dances, pretending we were party monsters, wearing hot pink lipstick (only in our rooms though, we would never have the balls to wear it out) and having our moms walk in on our scenes saying "what the hell are you guys listening to/doing?...mk. bai"

I forgot how I remembered about Dirty Sanchez today, but all i know is that i'm so happy I did.

It was ALOT of that except no vid cam, just a regular digi cam, my mini disco ball from Eckards (now bought by CVS)

2004 nostalgia

forgot what this was for

Party Monster electroclash party in my room

"go into the closet and let me shoot you like this gucci ad i saw. k?"

cover to the book i hoped to one day write

The series of images sar sar co ho did with kitty to this song were so amazing I wish I had them, i'll ask her to do a post about that

sarahs tat

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