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So today I woke up and my roomy told me that the Rodarte for Target collection was just made availly for the gen public. I usally don't get anything from these target collections cause by the time i go they are sold out in my size or my absence of boobs ends up screwing up the fits terribly. BUT, I was feeling very confident so i called my Mam Mam to run to target in So. Florida and pick me up some shiz, I ended up just getting one dress. I really want the bikini top too but whateves, if its still there when i get to fla. ill get it, if its not...its not ment to be.. haha

anyways, i really am MEH about the rodarte girls, my friend brought up a good point that its dumb they make peepz pronouce their name with an accent over the E since they dont put an accent on their name AND they are american or something. OH AND I HEARD THEY WERE MEAN!!! MEAN MEAN MEAN!!!! I HATE MEAN FASHION PEOPLE THAT CAN SUCK MY CLIT. Whatever, i dont know or care too muchfor them but i do like this lingerie stuff so BAM ITS MINE. i hope it fits, will find out in two days when i get home!love


I got my lil baby sister niky to try it on from fla, shes a giant compared to me but im liking the color and femininity!

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fledgling said...

LOVE rodarte for target.