water cam

I was in Florida for the Thanksgiving break. It was so much fun. I loved getting to spend time with my family, sitting on the living room couch...gossiping, laughing, mediating. Seeing my freinds was an awesome added bonus, much of my highschool krew got reunited. It was good. WOO FUN TIMES. okay ill stop before i cry. I came home to my new UNDERWATER CAMERA!!!!! yes!!!! its an awesome 35 mm fancy scuba diving cam that I got on ebay for an AMAZING price.

I took it to my friend J's house and we played with it. We entered the pool and it was about 30 degrees so we got our friend to quickly get us some wine to warm us up. I kinda just snapped random pics without trying because it was too cold to concentrate and they were really just test shots to see if this ebay cam actually works. IT DOES. and the pics are sweet, I just really love the colors.

ze cam. Hanimex Amphibian avec le external flash extra. (it has a built in flash too)



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elviswithlove said...

great picturessssss