shop till ya drop hehehe

woke up this morning, rain&snow. BEAUTIFUL...not. Anyways, I was looking forward to shopping all week so I decided to tuff it out and roam the streets of soho for some new pieces (dressed like tomb raider btw) Anyways,  I started off at Stussy where I got a sweet hoodie, I KNOW! I love sweaters, it's pretty much my fav. thing to wear. I def. didn't NEED one but wtvr it cant hurt. Then I went to Uniqlo to check out the J+ (Jil Sander) line. I found really cute stuff but they were all a size L. Of course. but then amoungst non-j+ merch I found the most beautiful black J+ dress shirt!!! I bought it. Then I went to some other shops and found crap and at H&M I found a black dress that I liked, black dresses are always useful so I was happy about that.

I kinda want to go back and spend more money tom...I will have to fight that feeling.

the end.

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